Three smiling women toasting their glasses while at a party.

Your office holiday bash is a golden time to network and . It’s not every day you get to be in a room with immediate superiors and the big boss, after all. However, deciding what to wear is easier said than done. There’s a fine line to tread when it comes to workplace-appropriate Christmas party outfits.

You don’t want to come off as boring to your colleagues and higher-ups. But at the same time, you also don’t want Marj from HR to think your attire is exposing too much skin. Where’s the middle ground? To give a clear idea, we break down the best Christmas party outfits for women that look professional and chic.

1. Dress Shirt + Tulle Skirt

If you have no time to curate Christmas party outfits, you can zhuzh up your basic button-up with a long tutu skirt. This Carrie Bradshaw-approved ensemble is perfect for last-minute preparations, especially when you have back-to-back meetings on D-day.

Select colors that complement each other to keep things simple. Or experiment with contrasting tones that bring out your . As for the accessories, you can layer dainty necklaces or stack rings to tie the entire look together.

2. Black Dress + Statement Bag

You don’t have to buy a new dress for every Christmas party. Take your classic LBD out of the closet and pair it with your most striking purse, which can serve as a conversation starter. It projects understated elegance (quiet luxury, as Gen-Zers put it) but still shows a touch of pizzazz. Plus, the whole get-up requires minimum effort yet yields maximum impact.

Depending on the dress code, you can choose a more form-fitting style or a looser silhouette. Don’t go overboard with . A pair of bejeweled earrings and a chain-link strap watch can elevate your LBD without making it over the top.

3. Jumpsuit + Bold Prints

Not really into skirts? There’s nothing more versatile than a jumpsuit. Give it a modern twist with eye-catching patterns to leave a lasting impression on your peers and the bigwigs. Whether it’s floral motifs, geometric designs, or abstract graphics, the key is to pick prints that embody the holiday spirit instead of beachy vibes. Unless, of course, tropical paradise is the theme.

Make use of your spare time to perfect your makeup and hairdo. A and red lips are ideal for professional settings. If you prefer to let your hair down, do a to balance out the boldness of your outfit.

4. Slip Dress + Oversized Blazer

Out of all the Christmas party outfits on this list, this combo is peak glam and coziness. The slinky dress is unrestrictive and feels airy – your best companion for a night of dancing. Meanwhile, a structured blazer helps warm you up and keeps you looking professional and put-together. When it’s time for the after-party, just take off the outer!

For the footwear, classic pumps or flat shoes are the safest options. If your office party is more casual, you can get away with sneakers or combat boots. The latter definitely amplifies your edginess.

5. Off-the-Shoulder Top + Straight Pants

One way to rock a pair of trousers at any soiree is styling it with a head-turning top. Our pick? An off-the-shoulder top that brings just the right amount of drama. It’s flattering on all body types and can help hide your arm fat (if that’s what you want!).

You can go matchy-matchy like JLo or play around with colors and textures to channel your inner fashionista. Pro tip: Use double-sided clothing tape to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

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When you arrive at the bash, take the initiative and introduce yourself to your bosses. Keep the conversation light, like talking about interests or complimenting their Christmas party outfits. Most importantly, be very subtle about your intentions. Remember that you’re here to build rapport with them, which can eventually open many doors for you.