Asian woman with pale skin

The grass is always greener on the other side, so the saying goes. If you were born with naturally pale skin, it’s normal to want to get a tan or secretly be jealous of your morena officemate. However, you could also lean into it like other pale-skinned queens before you. Here are six ways to highlight your porcelain skin while giving it a punch of lively color.

Go for a Glass Skin Glow

Smooth, pale skin is the perfect canvas for the coveted . If you’re embracing your skin color, this is the way to make it look healthy and well-nourished. The key to the glass skin look is using extremely hydrating ingredients in serum and gel formulas. These leave the skin with a glass-like smoothness best. Use POND’s Aloe Vera Jelly Moisturizer to hydrate the skin while giving it a fresh glow.

Use Earthy Shades for the Eyes

To achieve an , use lighter earth tones, such as champagne, tan, and taupe, to add depth and dimension to the eyes. They will give your peepers a more sophisticated look without going overboard. Use brown or deep green shades for your mascara, too. Since your skin is pale, darker shades can look stark against your skin. Unless you’re going for the trendy gothic Lolita look, stick to nudes instead.

Make Highlighter Your Friend

Stop trying to use bronzer on your pale skin. Bronzer is simply too dark for your skin tone and will only look heavy and blotchy, no matter how expertly applied. Instead, use a highlighter to “contour” your face and give it some flattering angles.

Choose Blush Over Bronzer

If you want a , try Bella Porch’s favorite trick. Apply blush high up on the cheeks and across the bridge of your nose. It brightens up the face, unlike bronzer or contour powder, which may look patchy or even grayish on your skin. A few fluffy sweeps of powder blush would work well for a light flush. Meanwhile, you can use a cheek tint if you want more staying power. 

Gloss Up Your Lips

One thing you shouldn’t be afraid of is bold lip color. It will stand out and look stunning against your pale skin. However, if you’re still getting the hang of it, you can start with a tinted balm or lip gloss to add color to your puckers. It will also plump them up without taking too much attention from the rest of your face.

Protect It with Sunscreen

Finally, stop going out in the sun unprotected. According to JAMA Dermatology, people with pale skin are particularly prone to sunburn and shouldn’t rely on sunscreen alone. Apart from wearing SPF (real sunscreen with at least SPF 30, not the one built into your moisturizer), make sure to always bring a hat or scarf for extra protection. It will keep your skin smooth and even. It will also prevent unwanted pigmentation, which can be very obvious on your skin tone.

Use POND'S UV Bright Sunscreen to protect your pale skin while evening out your skin tone. It gently fades dark spots and acne marks, giving you a bright, spot-less glow.

Embracing pale skin doesn’t mean going out looking like a vampire. With the tips above, you can still add subtle color to brighten your complexion and get your pale skin glowing.