A woman with dry skin

How can you tell if your body is dehydrated and lacking in moisture? Look in the mirror and see whether you have chapped lips or dry skin. If you have any, or both, then it’s probably time to do something about it! When left untreated, these issues can take a turn for the worse – cracked, flaky , and even bloody lips.

There’s one product that you can use that’s found in most homes and is a staple item in the medicine cabinet or your mother’s dresser. It’s affordable, accessible, and not laden with chemicals that can potentially cause further damage when applied. And if you’re familiar with seeing clear tubs with the blue lids, then you’ll know what this hygiene essential is.

The Original Petroleum Jelly

When moms or grandmothers say ‘Vaseline’, they’re most likely referring to the Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly, the iconic product that’s been in the market for over 150 years. Not to be confused with the regular petroleum jelly, this variant of Vaseline for face is made with 100% pure petrolatum. It underwent purification process three times to ensure that you only get the product in a patented Vaseline gel. So, make sure to use the original Vaseline product to experience the best results. Purchasing knockoffs or fake products is just going to cause more harm than good.

In a quick interview with Sam, a mother to two toddlers, Sam shares that she would use petroleum jelly to treat or prevent diaper rashes. Among all the brands that she’s tried, she can genuinely vouch for Vaseline, because it was the only one that really worked for her kids.

The Benefits of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

There are a few benefits in using petroleum jelly aside from just treating or preventing diaper rashes.

Locks in Moisture

One use of petroleum jelly that’s quite popular is as a for the body. That’s because this product creates a water-protective barrier on your skin, helping retain moisture, thus preventing skin from drying out and keeping it hydrated for a whole day. It also helps repair any damages, like flaky skin or cracked heels. Additionally, it assists your by providing protection from harmful UV rays. Lather the product all over your skin after taking a bath for maximum results. 

Alternative to Lip Balm

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for your lips? If you’ve run out of your favorite lip soother, then you can create a makeshift Vaseline lip balm. Just like your skin, your lips can enjoy the moisture-locking Vaseline Petroleum Jelly uses. It also stops you from unnecessarily licking your lips when it’s dry, which is one of the causes of chapped lips.

There’s a reason why petroleum jelly has stayed around for years as the go-to product to repair and chapped lips. Generations have reaped the benefits of this healing jelly from Vaseline for face and body care. They have sworn by how effective it is. If you’re not convinced, why don’t you try it out for yourself? Head to your local pharmacy or shop online for the iconic Vaseline Petroleum Jelly priced only P110.45