Asian woman in newsboy cap holding clear umbrella.

Ah, another client pitch at the office. You wake up, do an hour of yoga, and another hour to for the challenge ahead: skin care, makeup, hair, a killer outfit, heels. Then, you step outside to enter your Grab and it’s another rainy day. The entire morning of getting ready was ruined by a few seconds of downpour. How’s a supposed to prepare?

In the Philippines where showers are random but frequent, you need to dress for two types of weather: ultra-hot or raining cats and dogs. We’ve already talked about , so here’s how to end a rainy day in style.

Dress for the Forecast 

Philippine weather is predictably either dry or wet, but no one can predict which one it’ll be. Before you get ready, Google the weather forecast. Is rain imminent? Pack your umbrella and a raincoat. Put on your waterproof shoes. If your budget allows and you’re going somewhere special (like a date or a business meeting), invest in a Grab instead of taking the train.

Use Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup is a game-changer for emotional brides and commuters. Use hulas-proof paint that can withstand any situation, whether regular humidity, a sudden rainstorm, or just the stress of not getting a ride during a rainy day.

Put Your Hair Up 

The rainy season is unkind to hair – and not just because a drenched ‘do does not usually translate to a sexy, wet look. The increased humidity in the air during a rainy day can cause your hair to absorb moisture, . Even if you don’t get wet, a or will help you skip the anxiety of hair. In case you do get soaked, dry your hair in the bathroom and tie it back.

Choose Quick-Drying Fabrics 

Start preparing for the worst the moment you see the weather’s hazy. Not everyone can have an emergency ‘fit ready in a snap. If you don’t have this option, you can avoid rain on your style parade by wearing clothes in quick-drying fabrics. Think polyester, neoprene, or nylon. You can even wear DriFit, a microfiber polyester blend. It was designed for working out, so it has moisture-wicking tech that can make sweat or rainwater evaporate quickly. You can wear plain black leggings, a black top, and a blazer.

Go for Dark Colors

Speaking of black, sometimes you can just camouflage the dampness with the right colors. On a rainy day, skip gray, yellow, and red. As a general rule, avoid light shades since they highlight raindrops more. As much as you want to counter the gloomy weather with happier colors, dark hues are more practical for hiding the fact that you just got rained on.

Rain happens. And when it does pour down on you, sometimes you have no choice but to grin and bear it. Whether you enter a mall soaking wet or manage to patch yourself up with the paper towels in the bathroom, it’s all about confidence.

Don’t forget to shower well after getting rained on to avoid bigger issues. Rainwater is a vehicle for bacteria, so you need to use Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash with Multivitamins+ Total 10 to that’s wound up on your person. It offers 50x strong germ protection thanks to vitamin B3, C, and E. These help boost the skin’s immunity and fight 99.9% of germs.

Wet weather can also . Stock up on Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash during this time of year when your skin needs some extra love. It features NutriumMoisture technology that nourishes up to 20 layers deep – enough to tackle the damage of your average rainy day. This moisturizing body wash cleans like soap and moisturizes like lotion, addressing all your monsoon season needs.

Never let a rainy day dampen your style again. Just practice these tips.