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The beauty industry and sustainability aren’t exactly the most intuitive of pairings, yet thanks to advances in technology (and people who care), we’re slowly getting there. Meanwhile, consumers are encouraged to do their part to reduce waste – easier said than done, especially since it involves passionate beauty enthusiasts. Here are a few ways to contribute to the cause without feeling deprived of your favorites.

Reuse or Repurpose Containers

Many beauty products come in “aesthetic” containers that will look good on your or bathroom counter. Candle holders, glass bottles, and even gift boxes don’t have to go straight to the trash. You can use them to keep smaller, easy-to-misplace items such as pills, sewing kits, band-aids, and ponytails. Want to go even greener? Re-pot a succulent into an empty moisturizer tub!

Buy Big Sizes And Get Refills

This one is pretty straightforward. If available, get your favorite products like and shampoos in extra-large sizes, so you can just refill them once empty. It’s economical and good for the environment.

Get Lifebuoy Antibacterial Bodywash Refill Total 10 with Activ Silver+ to fight germs without drying your skin, or Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash Refill Pouch to revive and moisturize dull-looking skin. Wash and dry your empties thoroughly to remove dirt or mold before pouring the contents of your refills into them.

Upgrade Cotton Swabs and Cotton Pads

You may not be able to swear off cotton swabs and pads for good, but you can upgrade to more sustainable options to reduce waste. Go for washable cotton pads that are just as soft on your skin. Switch to wood or paper cotton swabs, which are just as effective at precision-cleaning and are biodegradable. When you’re ready, take things to the next level with a reusable silicone face mask that you can layer with your favorite products for better absorption.

Clean Your Tools and Palettes

This one is for those who are in it for the long haul. Cleaning your , sponges, and makeup palettes regularly can help reduce waste. It keeps them in good condition, prevents crusting, and keeps bacteria away. Wipe down your eyeshadows, powder blushes, and bronzers with a tissue dampened with 70% alcohol to prolong their shelf life. Your skin and the Earth will thank you!

Enforce a “No Buy” Rule

Binge-buying beauty products during the sale season is fun, satisfying, and 100 times cheaper. But it’s not that practical when sales come around about six times a year. Enforce a “no buy” rule until you finish your current roster of products so you can enjoy them to the last drop. Doing this also gives them time to work – a four- to six-week window usually does the trick!

Trim Your Beauty Routine

Practicing a is the best way to reduce waste and is most likely also better for your skin. After you’ve finished your existing products, aim to cut down your skincare routine to a few steps. Make sure to keep the three essentials: cleanser, moisturizer with active ingredients, and SPF. Add one or two steps more according to your needs.

Being an environment-friendly skin and haircare enthusiast doesn’t have to entail grand gestures. You can reduce waste and be a happy “beauty girl” from the comfort of your home, doing the things above. Like with your regimen, just be consistent and keep your eyes on the prize.