Asian woman wearing a blue raincoat outdoors.

If you’ve ever watched a raindrop dance its way across the window of a moving car, then you understand that emoting on a rainy day is a top-tier pastime. Back in the day, it’s when you would pretend to be the in a music video. Now, no pretending is necessary. You are the heroine of your story and your one-woman film crew. So, go ahead and romanticize your life as it drizzles outside.

Make Yourself a Warm Drink

The prospect of hot cocoa with teeny-tiny marshmallows is always an inviting one. If you decide to give in to it, you’ll find yourself more relaxed. Why? Once the warm drink enters your system, it expands blood vessels and improves circulation, which helps your muscles relax. Moreover, according to the journal Science, physical and emotional warmth are linked, explaining the fuzzy feeling that comes with every sip.

Stare Out the Window and Play a Hilary Duff Song

May pinagdadaanan ka ba? A rainy day is perfect for letting things out and really getting into those emotions. You can go at it like Charlie Chaplin, who once said, “I always like walking in the rain so no one can see me crying.” But if you’re not in that zone just yet, you could always play Hilary Duff’s Come Clean and sing your lungs out.

Bring Out the Vinyl

If the rain comes with a , don’t despair. Your analog turntable and old vinyl records can salvage the day. Nothing is cozier than hearing the crackling sound of lint on a spinning “black circle,” especially if that sound comes from a copy of Blue or Rumours. So put those records on and live out your Daisy Jones era. We support it!

Light a Woody Scented Candle

Still ? Light that oud-y scented candle you’ve literally been saving for a rainy day. Oud can smell too heady when it’s hot, but its intoxicating, velvety smoothness passes the vibe check on wet, gloomy days. Of course, try not to fall asleep with the candle still lit.

Re-read Your Favorite Book

We all have that one book that makes us feel safe and comforted. Why not channel your inner #BookToker and capture the coziness of reading your favorite book for your friends? That’s romanticizing one’s life at its best. Set the stage by creating the perfect reading nook. Make sure you have nice lighting, comfy pillows, a warm blanket, and of course, a window that shows the rain.

Record a Voice Message for a Friend

If rainy days make you feel lonely, why not reach out to a friend? Record a voice message – short but sweet – and serve them all the tea they’ve been missing out on. However, if you’re more interested in introspection, you could record it for yourself.

Take a Cute Umbrella and Grab a Coffee

Grabbing coffee on a rainy day, cute umbrella in hand, has written all over it. What better way to romanticize your life than by living out your Hallyu fantasies? Maybe you’ll even have your meet-cute and save a nice oppa from getting drenched.

Take a Long Bath (or Shower)

You know what adds another layer of comfort to a cozy, rainy day? Feeling clean and sufficiently moisturized. At the end of a long day, have a nice, long shower to unwind, release tension, and cleanse your body. Use Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash with NutriumMoisture Technology, which cleans like soap but moisturizes like lotion. It penetrates the skin up to 20 layers deep, making it visibly soft and smooth with regular use.

Make a Cozy Dinner

Fancy yourself a domestic goddess? Cook a nice dinner– something easy, rich, and creamy like mac and cheese. It's guaranteed to make your rainy day less gloomy. Light some candles and bring out the good wine to make your meal extra special.

Dance Like No One Is Watching

What did it feel like to dance in the rain as a kid? Relive that feeling and let your play if the rain isn’t too strong. It’s an excellent way to boost your mood and release endorphins that promote feelings of well-being. Do not do this if you hear thunder!

Don’t let a rainy day keep you from living your best life. Try these activities the next time it pours, and use the opportunity to slow down, recharge, and put yourself first.