Asian woman with hat on rocky beach.

In an era of oversharing, what’s a to do? How do you marry your innate meekness with the pervasive pull of posting on social media? Never fear! There is a way to get the best of both worlds. You can show off your new bathing suit while maintaining your modesty.

But before you snap that pic, you need to understand one thing: if you’re posting on social media, it should be because you want to and not because society is pressuring you to reveal every moment of your life. Once you understand this, you’ll be empowered to pose and post on your own terms.

Poses And Tricks to Try When You’re in a Bathing Suit

The fact that you’re over on this page tells you that you’re ready to take the next step. Here are some fun tips and poses to help the beach-shy come out of their shell.

1. Lighting is everything.

Lighting is a shy girl’s best friend. It can show off your favorite assets and hide whatever you’re not ready to flaunt yet. In general, sunlight makes for a great shot, creating sharp images with vibrant hues. The so-called golden hours – the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise – are generally flattering, too. The light during these periods casts a yellow glow that makes .

2. Turn your back to the camera, then twist your face to look forward.

Most girls are usually more reticent when looking at the camera head on. You can tease your way to that level of confidence by turning your back to the camera with just your head and shoulders coyly twisted forward. This pose shows off your bathing suit’s lovely low back while hiding the big lunch you just had.

3. Cover up strategically.

Covering up doesn’t mean you have to be in at the beach. Grab your towel and hold it with your fingers, covering half your body. Or turn around and pose as if you’re removing your sarong. Conceal half of your body behind a chaise for that touch of mystery. Play around with the combinations. You can highlight the best details of your bathing suit while hiding the areas you don’t want displayed in the photo.

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4. Turn to your side and look away.

This classic influencer pose is flattering regardless of your confidence level. Pose several feet away from the camera, ensuring the frame includes your whole body as well as the picturesque sunset behind you. Pretend like something is on the ground or the periphery is interesting. You can lengthen your physique by moving only your neck. Belly rolls and are normal, but if you don’t want them preserved in a photo, this pose will do the trick. 

5. Shield your eyes with your hands.

Sometimes, it’s not your body you feel conscious about. Perhaps you have a that you don’t want to immortalize or took a toll on the . Maybe you just don’t feel like showing your mug. You can obscure your face by putting your hand over your eyes as if the sun is too bright. This pose casts a shadow over your facial features, hiding them without completely covering yourself – while displaying your bathing suit perfectly.

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6. Play it cute with props.

Do you have a book, a bouquet, a cup of coffee, your pet dog, or a straw hat? You can put it in front of your face, over your tummy, in front of your thighs, or before any other part you feel self-conscious about.

7. Go for a candid shot.

When all else fails, forget that the camera’s even there. Busy yourself with your phone. Tinker with the details of your bathing suit. Fiddle with the straw of your iced coffee. It works for the paparazzi and celebrities. It’ll work for you, too!

Don’t be afraid to try different poses in that bathing suit. Whether you are a shy girl or have the self-esteem of a , take all the shots you can. You can bet that everyone’s camera roll has hundreds of similar-looking photos. Find the one that makes you feel the most confident.