Woman frowning while checking the tan lines on her arms.

Tan lines are all but inevitable when you’re living in a . They creep up on you whether you’re chilling in a strappy by the beach or walking around town wearing flip-flops. Sure, these awkward stripes can be easily hidden under layers of clothing, but being covered in turtlenecks and trousers is the opposite of summer vibes. 

What can a girl do to fade her tan lines? Here, do the following tips to even out your summer glow without missing out on sunny days.

Strip Away Old Skin Cells

When you’re out in the sun, your skin kicks up the production of melanin, a.k.a. dark pigment cells as an act of defense. These pigment soldiers barricade the epidermis, which makes your skin look tanner. Buffing away this outermost layer with can help reveal newer, smoother, and brighter skin cells underneath.

It’s important to choose the right exfoliant for your skin type. Generally speaking, containing , such as gluconolactone and lactobionic acid, are gentler on the skin since they dissolve dead skin cells without causing irritation. However, you can use body scrub or exfoliating mitts if physical exfoliants are more to your liking. Just take it easy on the scrubbing and never scrub sunburnt skin!

Load Up on Tone-Evening Products

Summer vibes are all about letting loose, but don’t neglect your skin and body care routine amidst the fun. Aside from exfoliating, incorporating active ingredients that target pigmentation. Popular choices among beauty buffs include and .

Vitamin C boosts radiance in the skin by inhibiting melanin production and promoting for a plump complexion. Meanwhile, retinol – a derivative of vitamin A – does the same job while stimulating cell turnover. Before doubling down on these two skin heroes, it’s worth noting that they can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, which brings you to the next point.

Stay fresh and dry all summer while keeping your underarms nourished with Dove Radiant + Care Deodorant Dry Serum 3% Niacinamide 10x Omega 6 Pore Smoothener, which targets uneven skin tone on the underarms.

Keep Your Skin Protected and Hydrated

Much has been said about the benefits of sunscreen. Without it, your summer vibes could quickly turn into a . And when you’re dealing with tan lines, it’s even more important to apply your sunscreen diligently so your skin doesn’t get duskier.

Another step that’s just as crucial as sun protection is hydration. Tan lines tend to look more pronounced on . Moreover, your skin needs moisture to repair itself. Maintain optimal skin hydration by turning to gentle products with nourishing ingredients.

For cleanser, use Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash or Dove Go Fresh Sakura Blossom Body Wash. Both are powered with Microbiome Gentle Skin Prebiotics formula, which helps support the skin’s protective layer and replenish lost moisture. The non-sticky texture is also perfect for hot and humid days!

Blur the Lines With Self-Tanner

The thought of getting back in the sun just to even out your skin tone might have crossed your mind. However, that will only increase your risks of sunburn, , and skin cancer. Why put yourself in such danger when you can achieve the same result with a tanning lotion?

Grab a makeup sponge or brush and apply the fake tan evenly over the lighter areas. Work on one section at a time and always use a sparring amount of product. If some spots are patchy, dab them with a slightly damp towel to blend the color.

Camouflage With Bronzer

Wondering how to remove tan lines overnight? Sadly, there isn’t much you can do to erase them instantly. But with makeup, you can quickly conceal these marks before turning up your summer vibes.

It’s pretty easy to do. Find a body bronzer in a shade that matches your tanned skin and spread it with a kabuki brush, focusing on the lighter areas. Don’t forget to blend any harsh edges. Lock everything in place with a few spritzes of setting spray.

Tan lines can be nuisance, but don’t let them kill your summer vibes. Try these tips to eve out your sun-kissed skin, so you can flaunt your cutest crop tops and sundresses with confidence.