Girl with a nice skin

K-dramas bring kilig and thrill. They could also make you envious of the flawless skin texture of Korean celebrities. They say a 10-step routine is critical to achieving that glow, but who has time for that?

Enter: Skip-care. Our new favorite concept uses double- or triple-duty products to cut down a tedious routine. Let's say you're aiming for glass skin. We found a two-step regimen to get closer to your goal. Here's the quick rundown:

Step 1: Cleanse, Hydrate, and Prep Your Skin

Moisturizing is key to getting a soft and plump complexion. You typically need around three products to achieve this: a toner, a serum, and a mask. But you can achieve it with a multi-tasking product like POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Clarity Facial Foam. This product uses brightening niasorcinol to even out the skin tone, fade dark spots, and hydrate the skin while removing impurities.

Step 2: Finish with a Serum-slash-Cream.

For skin perfection, serums are non-negotiable. These potent liquids contain concentrated ingredients that easily get soaked up by the skin. They also target specific skin concerns. Creams, on the other hand, usually boost the hydration and nourishment your skin gets.

What's great is that the POND'S Serum Burst Cream (P125) gives you the best of both worlds. It promises intense hydration for a soft and smooth complexion. It also contains hyaluronic acid, as well as antioxidants that leave your skin feeling supple.

The serum-cream also offers a unique sensory experience. As you apply the cream, it transforms into serum droplets that get absorbed by the skin barrier. You'll end up with a noticeable radiant, dewy finish!

When your skin texture looks dull or dry, go for your #DewySkinGoals! Try the Pond’s Dewy Duo—Perfect Potion Essence and Serum Burst Cream.