Mom and baby playing

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but mothers will be the first to tell you that’s not often possible these days. However, as brands begin to explore the metaverse, so can moms who are looking for a friendly community where they can connect with fellow parents and explore motherhood in the virtual world.

At Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage, new moms are in for exciting activities, games, and treats that can assist them in their parenting journey. Are you a new mom or a mom with young kids? This new landscape is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the metaverse and engage with friends and family in ways that they never have before. It’s a virtual world that raises the fun quotient of parenting to a whole new level.

Expanding Mom’s Universe

Through #RealMomsVillage, Baby Dove welcomes you into an inclusive, supportive community that caters to your needs. Are you pulling an all-nighter with your baby? This virtual village can be your after-hours partner. It will equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to care for your child.

Since the possibilities are endless in the metaverse, Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage extends this valuable support system to the virtual world. Here, you will meet friendly faces who are always ready to lend a helping hand or share a tip or two that can help make your days (and nights) as a parent much less complicated.

Mother Knows Best for Baby

Because , the virtual world allows you to flex your parenting skills and impart your hacks to other villagers. The goal is simple: get them to switch to Baby Dove — 9/10 moms do in real life! Offering various activities and immersive experiences (it’s your chance to change your baby’s diapers in the metaverse!), the Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage is a fun companion to the world of .

How to Enter the Village

No gate pass is needed! To register, log in to , create your avatar by selecting from any of Baby Dove #RealMoms Village’s inclusive characters, and start exploring. You may also join the Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage on Facebook Messenger by chatting with

Once you're ready, you can enter the Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage! Visit the Baby Dove Care Café. A sprawling space for moms, the Care Café serves your warm welcome into the village and the venue for your first challenge.

Here, your task is to convince nine Real Moms to switch to Baby Dove by sharing your knowledge of its products and their benefits. Love Baby Dove Hair to Toe Rich Moisture Wash? Simply go around the Café and tell Real Moms why! You have 24 hours to convince all of them to earn U-COIN points, redeemable at the U-Store. While you’re in the village, you can also bond with fellow parents through the chat box.

An Exciting New Feature in the Village

After visiting the Baby Dove Care Café, you can explore the #RealMomsVillage further and visit the Baby Dove Real Care Center where you can experience Baby Bath Time and find the safest way to bathe your baby. Baby Dove’s parenting manual is nothing if not ultra-informative and thorough.

Discover how to using the perfect water temperature and learn how to soothe their skin during bathtime. Using Baby Dove products for every skin type, you’ll discover the ease of bathing and cleaning your baby. Bathtime is a precious bonding moment for mom and baby so enjoy! 

If you complete the tasks correctly within 24 hours, you receive vouchers of up to P50 off. You get extra if you finish the tasks in an hour and share the game on social media. Play, enjoy and learn—all at the same time!

Learning As A New Mom Doesn’t End There

Over the next few weeks, Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage will be launching new experiences and challenges to keep your Baby Dove Journey going.

Join the rich and immersive virtual world of Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage and get a chance to interact and bond with other moms in the metaverse by sharing parenting advice, product recommendations, and unique, enriching experiences. And the best part? This is only the beginning for Baby Dove #RealMomsVillage!