Woman using a pink razor to shave her legs.

Grade 8 Math class taught me algebra and, weirdly enough, that boys don’t like hairy legs. A friend was reading a fashion magazine under her desk when I saw the earth-shattering news. I came home with a newfound determination and spent what felt like hours in the bathroom trying to glide my mom’s razor along my ankles. Then, I thought, “Do I have to do this for the rest of my life?”

Twelve years later, I still can’t stand the thought of solving for the value of x. And I still hate shaving my legs. The last time I bought a razor, Zayn had just left One Direction, which means I’ve been rocking my legs au naturel throughout my adult life. Not in protest to the patriarchy or to shame those who prefer shaving their body hair. My reasons are more relatable than you’d imagine.

No Shaving Means No Itchy Skin

On my first foray into the world of hair removal, I admittedly did the worst thing anyone can do: dry shave. My legs were smooth for only a day, but the stinging haunted me for weeks. Being a 13-year-old in the 2010s, I went to YouTube for answers. I looked up “how to get smooth skin on legs after shaving” and learned all the dos and don’ts, which I followed religiously for five years.

My shaving arsenal consisted only of a pink razor, shaving cream, and hydrating lotion. If you have dry skin like mine, the latter is non-negotiable. Applying Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Body Lotion can help the skin recover after shaving. Razors expose the very top layer of the skin cells, which c small abrasions. And when you look at the science, aloe vera moisturizes and speeds up wound healing by boosting collagen and fighting bacteria. The more you know!

While the routine kept my legs smooth without nicks, burns, or bumps in sight, I got the occasional itch every time the hair started to grow back. The cause? My simply doesn’t tolerate . So, when I had a two-month holiday after high-school graduation, I set it down for good. Not having to deal with the aftermath of shaving felt liberating, and TBH, I love having fuzzy legs. 

Extra Time and Dimes for More Important Things

Spending ₱250 a month on shaving products as a student left a big, gaping hole in my barren wallet. If I had saved the money instead, I could’ve used it to buy more snacks, get fancy crochet yarns for my hobby, or even with my friends.

And what about the countless hours I had spent lathering up shaving cream, carefully gliding razors, and contorting my legs to reach every nook and cranny? I can’t imagine doing this tedious task three times a week like I used to, now that I have (ahem, deadlines).

Letting my hairy legs be free of societal pressure is my way of prioritizing personal growth and well-being. I now have more resources to care for my skin, hair, and health – things I actually care about in life.

It Helps Me Accept My True Self

Men's legs are hairy, and women's are hairless. This has been ingrained in our minds whether we realize it or not. Having bare legs made my teenage self feel like a real woman. But, in reality, If eared being labeled unattractive or unclean for not conforming to the . What if people call me lazy? Will it affect my relationships and career?

The truth is, no matter what I do or do not do, there will always be something that needs fixing, according to society, at least. I'm tired of pretending to dislike my hairy legs because, truthfully, I couldn't care less. They don't make me any less feminine or beautiful.

In many ways, not shaving my legs also allows me to rock my body hair however I choose. Although I leave my legs and arms untouched, I pluck my and trim my eyebrows whenever I feel like doing them. All that matters is I don't do these out of .

My Hairy Legs Don’t Bother Me

I started shaving because a magazine told me men don't find women with hairy legs attractive. Here's the thing. People are free to have preferences, but we are not obligated to share or follow them. I've come to realize that I don't want to date a man who freaks out if he spots one tiny hair on my limbs. Changing my body to seek validation from others will never be on the table. I owe myself that much respect.

Unlike shaving, my leg hairs never cause problems like acne or rashes. As a matter of fact, they have some substantial functions, like preventing and regulating body temperature. They're barely visible to the naked eye, too. I can wear an LBD or a pair of shorts, and no one will notice.

What works for me might not work for you. It's your body, so do what makes you feel comfortable. Whether you choose to go razor-free or not, keep your legs extra smooth and radiant with Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Lotion Flawless Glow. This non-sticky body serum has 10x more antioxidant power than , leaving your skin dewy and radiant.

If you consider shaving part of your self-care routine, that's wonderful! If you find it pointless but are afraid of the social consequences, I invite you to join the hairy legs club. There’s no pressure here!