Woman in a white top looking at her skin in the mirror.

Do you know that the average woman uses on her face daily? That’s a lot, considering this doesn’t even cover shampoo, soap, and other . Many people believe that a solid skincare routine should be jam-packed with all sorts of products and active ingredients. But we’re here to remind you that less is more — and dermatologists agree.

The skin is a lot more self-sufficient than you give it credit for. It moisturizes, exfoliates, and protects itself without much intervention. Granted, it needs a little help now and then, but your stacks of essences and creams might cause more issues than solve them. So if you’ve ever developed a rash out of nowhere, it’s a sign to adopt the "less is more" philosophy and streamline your skin and body care routine. 

The Problem with Going Overboard

It's fun to try different beauty trends or products. However, too much of anything is bad, especially when you buy into the hype without doing your homework. Not everyone needs to do a whole 10-step skincare routine! TBH, the extra time and money would be better spent elsewhere.

Impracticality aside, using too many products at once can harm your skin. Some ingredients just shouldn’t be paired. For example, and are both effective against acne. However, they cancel each other out and can cause breakouts when used together.

Adding more steps to your regimen also disrupts the skin’s natural defense. A argues that an overcomplicated routine can result in a damaged skin barrier and allergic reactions. Think itchy, red blotches, dry patches, and overly sensitive skin. When you see these issues, the best approach is to go back to basics, so your skin has the time to heal.

The Rise of Skinimalism

The minimalist approach to beauty prioritizes quality over quantity. At its heart, encourages people to use only three essential skin care products that cleanse, moisturize, and protect. That means it’s okay to skip toner after washing your face. 

However, this doesn’t mean you should declutter your in one go. You can ease into it by skin cycling, a method of using actives on certain days and following them with rest days. From here, it would be easier to know which products work and which you can do without.

Adopting the less is more ethos can give you many benefits. It's not only good for the environment (and your wallet), but also crucial to bringing balance back to your skin without the risk of irritation. Researchers prove – a and a tinted sunscreen moisturizer, in this case – is all it takes to brighten and smoothen fine lines. Keep this in mind when curating your skincare arsenal and make sure you choose ingredients that serve complementary goals.

From “Over the Top” to “Less Is More”

Your skin can get overwhelmed, too. When you put on too many layers of oil, acids, and emollients, they clog the pores and wear your skin down. If this happens, downsize your routine with these easy steps.

Stick to the essentials.

Focus on using a that doesn’t strip too much moisture from the skin and a no-nonsense moisturizer to help fortify the protective barrier. Moreover, never start your day without – SPF 30 minimum!

If you’re dealing with more specific issues like or , you can add one booster product, like a . Use the targeted treatment gradually so your skin can get accustomed to the ingredients. And if you see any signs of irritation, you’ll know which product is to blame right away.

Look for multipurpose products.

Want to simplify your routine even more? Harness the power of multitasking products so you can use the same line-up for your . They save time and money without sacrificing benefits. What’s more, multipurpose products usually contain more than one hero ingredient, delivering multiple benefits. Examples are tinted sunscreen, hydrating primer, and

For body care, go for a cleanser that also nourishes the skin. Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is a wash-and-go essential that cleans like soap and moisturizes like a lotion. It has NutriumMoisture technology to nourish up to 20 layers deep within the epidermis for visibly soft and smooth skin with regular use. A bonus? You’ll have fewer items to pack when you’re traveling!

Resist the temptation to buy hyped products.

We know, the , especially when everyone and their mothers are raving about a new trend. But just because something is popular on social media, doesn't mean it’s . Is it necessary to use body butter and olive oil after every shower? Unlikely.

Do your research before you decide to swap or expand your beauty routine. If you still want to buy it, let it sit inside your cart for a few days. Stick to products that have been around for a few months so you can read reviews before trying them yourself.

Caring for your skin and body is important, but it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, the less is more approach may even lead to healthier, happier skin.