Asian woman getting up from bed

We’ve all been there. You start watching a new TV show a little too late in the evening. One episode becomes two, three, four... Next thing you know, it’s 3 a.m. and you’re supposed to be up in a few hours. You have a big presentation to look good for first thing in the morning, but you wake up looking like a player in Squid Game. Puffy cheeks, dark under-eye circles, cracked lips — what’s a girl to do? These five easy steps will make you look like you had enough shut-eye. 

Chug Water

A study by the Sleep Research Society published in Oxford Academic suggests that sleep deprivation can cause dehydration. Specifically, people who get less than six hours of sleep are up to 59% more likely to be dehydrated than those who slept for 8 hours. The group’s conclusion? If you’re tired, drink more water. So go ahead and to immediately rehydrate. This also flushes out toxins, prevents headaches, improves mood, increases energy, and gets the blood flowing to your skin. 

De-puff Your Eyes

Sleep deprivation causes dark under-eye circles and eye bags, which can be swollen and puffy. Aside from lack of sleep, you could also get puffy eyes from eating too much salt or drinking too much alcohol.

Instantly de-puff your eyes by applying a cold compress for a few minutes. No one is also ever too young to use eye cream. The best anti-aging eye cream helps brighten the under-eyes. After washing your face, apply POND’S Age Miracle Eye Cream. It’s formulated with prebiotics and Blur Technology to reduce the appearance of dark circles and smoothen fine lines. If you want something extra, try storing your in a beauty fridge so you can apply it chilled.

Apply Moisturizer

Hydrate parched skin with a glow-boosting product like POND’S Triple Glow Serum. This formula delivers brightness, smoothness, and hydration — exactly what sleep-deprived skin needs. It has Gluta-Boost C, which brightens skin, and niacinamide that minimizes pores. It also has hyaluronic acid, which draws moisture from the environment to give the skin a dewy glow. While you’re at it, give yourself a nice facial massage to wake your skin up.

Conceal Strategically

Use concealer and apply it the correct way. The wrong way to do it is to just apply it right under the eyes, covering the dark under-eye circles. This will make them even more obvious and make your eyes look smaller and puffier. The right way to do it is to apply concealer in an inverted triangle, starting from under the eyes to the middle of the cheeks. This will even out your complexion and    .

Curl Your Lashes

Curling your lashes is the easiest way to make your eyes appear bigger and more awake. To achieve the best curl, start at the root of your lashes and pump — don’t press — the eyelash curler a few times. Pump the curler a few more times, going up until you reach the tips. This gives you a nice, delicate curl instead of a straight-up fold. Remember, be gentle to avoid damaging them. Apply a coat of mascara to make them more visible and voluminous. 

Now, you’re ready for your presentation. No more puffiness, dehydration, and dark under-eye circles. Maybe next time, don’t start watching a TV show too late?