Asian woman applying hand sanitizer in a restaurant

Hand sanitizer is an excellent product to have around especially these days. You can never be too careful when touching things at the grocery store, pushing public doors, pressing elevator buttons, and handling change. We all know the benefits of using hand sanitizer, but did you know that it can do other things apart from protecting you from viruses and disease-causing bacteria? Here are some nifty hacks that will convince you to have a bottle handy always.

Glass De-fogger

Mirrors, , phone screens, tabletops — glass is a high maintenance surface that attracts dirt, powders, fingerprints, oils, and sprays. First, make sure that there are no abrasive grainy particles on the glass surface. Next, squeeze some hand sanitizer on a piece of soft cloth (avoid paper towels, which can scratch the glass, too) and wipe the surface until it's clean and dry.

Cleans Your Keyboard

Working from home means touching food, beverages, lotions, and creams, in between typing on your keyboard. The natural oils on your hands can transfer onto the keys, making them sticky and attractive to dirt. In the absence of electronic wipes, you could use sanitizer products instead of alcohol. The gel texture of hand sanitizer can help prevent spills. 

Emergency Deodorant

In case you forget to apply or bring your deodorant, hand sanitizer is potent enough to take its place. They are alcohol-based and formulated to kill bacteria and germs. Hand sanitizer can be an effective deodorant since comes from the mixing of sweat and bacteria. Take a small dollop and lightly rub it on your pits to refresh them.

Soothes Insect Bites

Hand sanitizer is excellent at soothing and taking away the itch from insect bites. It has antiseptic properties that can prevent bites from getting infected. Plus, the stinging sensation will distract you from the itching and provide relief. Just make sure your hand sanitizer is fragrance-free. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, perfume and cologne, especially floral scents, attract mosquitoes are attracted. 

Makeup Palette Cleaner

You can use hand sanitizer to quickly remove dust, lint, finger prints, and other "blemishes" on your makeup palettes and compacts. It's also an excellent mirror cleaner since it doesn't leave any marks or streaks.

Stain Remover

You can use hand sanitizer to pre-treat stains on clothing. Make sure to use a formula that’s free of dyes so you don’t stain your clothes further. Simply apply hand sanitizer on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, take a soft piece of cloth and dab it until the stain fades. Throw the piece of clothing into the washer as soon as you can. This will work on most fabrics except rayon, wool, acetate, or silk.

Permanent Marker Eraser

When your kids get a little too creative and start drawing on your work whiteboard, you can quickly clean up with hand sanitizer. Yes, even if they used permanent marker! Simply spread the gel all over the area and wipe off with a clean cloth.

Bug Bite Relief

Do mosquitoes love to mess with you when you're outdoors? You can use hand sanitizer to soothe your skin, minimize itching, and calm inflammation.

Removes Sticky Labels

Getting the labels off jars and bottles can be tricky. Some labels leave a sticky residue that seems almost impossible to eliminate, even with vigorous scrubbing. The good news is you can get rid of these sticky labels with hand sanitizer. Just apply a small amount to the area, let it sit, then rub it with a soft cloth until all the glue is gone. 

These days is as essential as your phone or wallet. Always carry a bottle to quickly get rid of germs and in case you need to do any of the above.