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A lot of pressure comes with “starting the new year right.” Usually, this means bringing freshness into your life through changes in habits, perspectives, and even material belongings. Although new beginnings can come at any time, a specific date marked by fireworks, merry making, and togetherness seems auspicious. Here, a tidying and decluttering expert weighs in on the different things you can do to start fresh.

Adding Freshness to Your Home

Your home is your life’s nucleus. It’s ground zero of all meaningful beginnings and the new year is no different. “There is supposedly a Chinese feng shui rule that says, ‘move nine things to change the energy in your home,’” shares certified KonMari expert Christine Dychiao.

“Whether there is truth to this, one thing’s for sure – if you want the energy in your space to shift, you can’t leave things as they are.”

In feng shui, inviting newness into the home involves creating a space that allows a continuous flow of energy. Also known as chi, it energizes and balances your living space. “You need to either move your things around, or if you don’t have enough space, get rid of the things that don’t really serve a purpose. I guarantee, with a little tidying and cleaning, your space will feel fresh in no time.”

The KonMari method encourages tidying by category and not by location. Try doing it in this order: clothes, books, papers, komono or miscellany, and sentimental items. Keep only things that spark joy.

Infusing Work Life With Energy

With the , chores, and last-minute work deadlines draining most of your energy, getting ample rest is essential. Christine says, “In today’s hustle culture, it’s a breath of fresh air to shift our mindsets and think of rest as productive.”

If you have been taking rest for granted, use this as an opportunity to reassess your relationship with it. Adequate sleep and power naps are your friends. According to the , it decreases fatigue and improves alertness. 

Walking can also be restful. It may sound counterproductive, but sometimes a little distance from dilemmas can provide a fresh perspective. Charles Darwin built a thinking path outside his home – it was a place to retreat to while problem-solving. It’s an effective way to declutter the mind.

“Most people feel guilty about the idea of resting and doing ‘nothing’, not realizing that taking time off actually improves performance. After a good rest, we are more focused and mentally sharp,” says Christine.

Turning a New Page for Your Mental Well-Being

Starting a new year can be overwhelming when your mind is buzzing with , deadlines, and to-dos. Putting everything down on paper can help make sense of them and give you the clarity you need to move forward. Christine recommends trying your hand at journaling to bring freshness and creativity to your year.

“I’ve always thought of journaling as keeping a diary, but as I’ve learned from life coach and journal creator , journaling may come in many forms, such as doodling or art journals, even scrapbooking,” she says.

“She says, by putting it down, we are not wasting valuable time and energy on our thoughts, fears and anxieties. The page will carry it for us. In fact, solutions to our problems may also come to us when we express them through a journal.”

Refreshing Your Approach to Self-Care

Self-care, once part of your daily life, can feel perfunctory. If you feel like you’re doing your beauty and wellness routines on autopilot, maybe it’s time to add some excitement to them. Treat yourself to a new product but make sure to discard old or expired ones first. You could also try using a new tool or using an old tool in new ways. Check out this for new ways to use your trusty .

, eating clean, exercise, meditation and breathwork are everyone’s usual go-tos when it comes to self-care,” she adds. “If you’re looking for something new to add to your self-care practice, how about learning to set boundaries? As Paulo Coelho says, ‘Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.’”

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