Asian woman in a robe holding a purple pillow

Are you suffering from body acne that won’t go away? Try checking around the house. Acne occurs when oil glands are clogged with excess oil or dirt or irritated from friction. Items we use around the house can harbor a buildup of oils and transfer bacteria onto acne-prone skin, triggering breakouts.

This specific condition is called “acne mechanica.” Pressure, friction, rubbing, squeezing, or stretching trigger these breakouts. It can affect the face, but it can also localize in certain parts of the body. What are the most common culprits, you might ask? Here’s a list of common household items you should check out.

Dirty Pillowcases Can Cause Bacne

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), humans shed around 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells per day. These cells can mix with oils, sweat, skin and hair products, and dirt on your pillowcases. All these can transfer on your face or back, , and lead to breakouts especially in acne-prone skin. Yes, it’s gross. So, make sure to change and wash your pillowcases every three days. 

Your Phone Can Lead to Chin or Jawline Breakouts

Your hand touches things, it touches your phone, and then your face. Washing your hands frequently isn’t enough. You also need to constantly sanitize your phone to prevent oil and bacteria from coming into contact with your hands and face. Wipe the surface with an antibacterial wipe or a clean cloth and alcohol, as often as you can, or every night before going to bed.

A Too-Tight Sports Bra Can Cause Boob Acne

Anything that is too tight and rubs against the skin can trap sweat, oils, and bacteria and clog your pores. Bra straps are usually made of elastic, which isn’t breathable and can be irritating. If your bra straps are too tight, they could trigger . Too-tight sports bras can also cause breakouts if worn for too long. If you can’t avoid wearing a bra, make it a habit to remove it immediately upon getting home, or after sweating it out at the gym. 

After exercising, use a body wash that deeply penetrates pores to remove sweat, excess oil, and bacteria. Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash Total 10 washes away problem-causing bacteria with Activ Silver and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Your Couch Might Be Causing Your Butt-Ne

Are you suddenly getting zits on your buttocks? There could be several causes, but some things worth checking out are your underwear, clothing, and sofa. Is your underwear made of non-breathable material that traps sweat and oil? Do you often wear warm, tight clothing such as leggings? When was the last time you cleaned or disinfected your couch? All these things can rub against your skin and transfer oil and bacteria that can get trapped in your pores.

Dirty Brushes Can Cause a Body Acne Breakout

Like everything else, makeup brushes and sponges can accumulate oils and bacteria over time — yes, even if you only use them on a clean face. Frequently cleaning your makeup tools can help keep your skin clear. It also has other benefits, such as prolonging the shelf life of your makeup and helping the formulas go on smoothly and blend evenly.

An Old Razor Can Trigger Pit Zits

Getting pimples on your armpits may be unusual, but this doesn’t mean it can’t happen. “Pimples” on your pits can be infections, such as folliculitis, caused by a blockage of the hair follicles or . If you shave, always use a clean razor. Never use a dull blade — replace it after five to six uses, or whenever it starts to look like it’s time to chuck it. Avoid wearing clothes that are tight around the armpits to avoid further friction.

Get body acne under control by checking commonly used household items and making sure that they are clean. Wear clothing that doesn’t trap sweat and oil and allows your skin to breathe.