Asian woman wearing a sweater by the window

Ah, the Ber months. A festive period of indulgence, nice weather, and anticipation for the holidays, the final quarter of the year is always a good time. However, it’s also a tricky period for the skin, which can react to changes in temperature, humidity, and yes, your diet. If you suddenly find your skin feeling tight and itchy, you may have dry skin. Here are the causes of dry skin during the Ber months.

Low Humidity

We’re so used to wet, tropical warmth that when humidity plummets, our skin usually needs time to adjust. Most people get   because of dry air. According to Harvard Health, the water content in the epidermis or the outermost layer of the skin reflects the level of humidity in the environment. Read: low moisture levels in the air equal low moisture levels in your skin. 

One way to counteract this is to use a humidifier to increase the moisture in indoor air. You could also hydrate the top layer of your skin with a light moisturizer like POND’S Healthy Hydration Watermelon Hydrating Jelly Moisturizer. This gel formula nourishes dry skin with watermelon extract and vitamin E, leaving it supple and smooth.

Hot Showers

may feel amazing, but they can be one of the causes of dry skin even if you don’t use hot water on your face. The steam alone can and make it more prone to dryness, as well as issues such as rosacea and eczema. To add to this, Harvard Health states that the length of the shower matters, too. Showering too frequently or too long can lead to dryness. Five to 10 minutes using lukewarm water should be enough.

Scratchy Clothing

Celebratory fashion is a funny thing. Most “festive” pieces are tight, itchy, and adorned with sequins that are definitely not comfortable to get tipsy in. Choose the fabrics that you wear wisely because scratchy clothing can aggravate dry skin and cause itching. Moreover, try not to wear a turtleneck unless you’re sure that the air conditioning at the venue can guarantee arctic temps.


If your body is dehydrated, your skin can be dehydrated, too. This occurs when you lose more water than you take in, so it’s essential to consume water, whether through drinking or by eating water-rich food. Note that dehydrated skin is not the same as naturally dry skin. The latter is the result of a lack of natural oils.

Again, you can address this by applying moisturizer to your skin. You could also a sheet mask for intense hydration. Find one with nutrients with antioxidants, such as . It heals and repairs , leaving it supple and dewy.

Party Food

With the festive season comes festive food. Have you been eating too much cake and sweets lately? It can be one of the causes of dry skin, inflammation, and acne breakouts, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. You could also experience dry skin if you have a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids, citing from the Journal of Nutrition for Healthy Skin. Mix up your party menu by adding fatty fish, sweet potatoes, and dark chocolate, which have the essential nutrients to keep skin moisturized.

Skipping Sunscreen

Just because it’s getting a little bit cooler, doesn’t mean the sun’s not out. Unfortunately, . So, make sure to bring — and wear — sunscreen even when you’re feeling the Ber-month breeze. Unprotected sun exposure can cause all sorts of skin issues, especially dry skin. Long-term effects of UV radiation include premature wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, roughness, and sagging.

The Ber months may be one of the causes of dry skin. Fortunately, they're not permanent. Just add more moisturizing products to your skincare routine. Always wear sunscreen. Opt for sensible clothing, And, yeah, go easy on the cake!