Giddy Asian woman holding a present beside a Christmas tree.

Self-care isn’t limited to slathering on serums and getting pampered at spas. While these can help you feel invigorated, there are ways to experience a deeper level of renewal – something everyone needs during this stressful . These Christmas movies can provide you with the motivation you need to give your mind, body, and soul some TLC. Add them to your watch list ASAP.

Home Alone: Enjoy Your Me-Time

Being left behind during the holidays is a terrible thing to happen to a child. But to an adult? It’s pure bliss. If you happen to be (or have a few days to yourself during the height of the holiday rush), don’t feel bad. Kevin McCallister sure didn’t!

Make the most of your by planning ahead. First, head to the grocery store and get all the supplies you need. Second, list all the movies you want to watch, books you want to read, and podcasts you want to listen to. Third, create a cozy space for you to nest in. And finally, reserve some time for a solo pampering session. An“everything shower,” perhaps?

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The Holiday: Have a Good Cry

All the memorable scenes in the cult classic The Holiday involve tears. All four main characters (Amanda, Graham, Iris, and Miles) each have a good cry, and we cried with them as we watched. Why is bawling so cathartic sometimes?

According to , crying is a good way to and emotional pain, especially if it doesn’t happen very often. If you don’t have anything to cry about, shedding tears while watching Jude Law become Mr. Napkin Head should have the same effect.

Serendipity: Take What You Need

Let’s be honest. Watching Serendipity today isn’t the same thing as watching it for the first time in 2001. It turns out it’s cringy and problematic, thanks to a man who stalks a woman he meets at the mall all while being engaged to another woman. But it also comes with a very important lesson – and, no, it’s not “follow your heart.”

It all starts when Jonathan Trager and Sarah Thomas, who are shopping for their significant others, try to buy the same pair of gloves. It could all have been avoided if only Sara put her foot down and insisted on buying the gloves, instead of indulging in banter with Jonathan.

If only she had acted like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in Jingle All The Way and fought tooth and nail for the last Turbo-Man! There’s nothing wrong with taking what you need and moving on – especially if it means avoiding trouble.

Mean Girls: Trim Your Circle

Mean Girls is a cinematic masterpiece that taught us many things. This includes a timeless performance of “Jingle Bell Rock” and the fact that not everyone in your circle is your friend. Of all the Christmas movies, this one is the least Christmassy, but its message is a useful one, especially in this season of .

Reserve your time and effort for your nearest and dearest (a.k.a. those who won’t write about you in a Burn Book). Business coach and author Darrah Brustein recommends considering the five people in your inner circle – they are your most profound influences. So, if your closest friends are Regina George, Karen Smith, and Gretchen Weiners, you probably want to rethink your life choices.

Christmas Inheritance: Connect With Your Roots

Christmas Inheritance is one of the most underrated feel-good Christmas movies on Netflix. It stars Eliza Taylor (The 100), Jake Lacey (The White Lotus), and Andie MacDowell. But what self-care message does it impart, you might ask? Connecting with your roots.

In this age of hyperconnectivity, it’s easy to think you’re in touch with everything. But the truth is, the internet makes it so much more difficult to make real connections, let alone peel yourself away from your . In this movie, ambitious heiress Ellen Langford (Taylor) is stranded in her father’s hometown for the holidays, and here she learns the value of community and family.

To many Filipinos, can be a stressful experience, not because Filipino homes aren’t full of love. In fact, maybe there’s so much of it that people end up meddling and being intense. But despite everything, it can also be an opportunity for growth, reconciliation, and like in Ellen’s case, soul searching.

You know what else is an act of self-care? Watching your favorite Christmas movies. Get into the holiday spirit by checking out the films on this list or revisit your old favorites. Maybe, even throw in some Die Hard action for variety – whatever makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. And if you happen to pick up a self-care tip or two, hey, that’s a bonus.