Asian woman carrying an umbrella in the rain

Is the season change triggering your skin problems? You’re not alone. While the rain is a welcome respite from the summer heat, the temperature change can set off skin sensitivity and dryness that makes it susceptible to irritation, inflammation, and infection. On days when the air outside is cold and dry, moisture in the skin can evaporate quickly, making it tight, itchy, and flaky. Common skin problems during the rainy season include eczema and fungal infections. Here are some ways you can give dry skin extra care.

Trade Your Soap for Body Wash

Soaps can strip the skin of essential oils and moisture. During the rainy season, you’ll want to keep your skin as moisturized as possible to prevent cracking, flaking, or itching from dryness. Trade any soaps that may have worked for you during the sweaty, summer months for a nourishing and super hydrating body wash to prevent further sensitivity.

Drink Plenty of Water

Without heat to remind us to hydrate, you can easily forget to drink water when you're not thirsty. Remember that moisturizing your skin topically is not enough — . Drinking lots of water to replenish from within and avoid dehydration, which can make skin look and feel dry. Eating leafy greens and other water-rich foods such as watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes, broths, and soups can also help.

Switch to Smooth Fabrics

Loving the sweater weather? Make sure you bundle up in fabrics that are smooth and not scratchy if you have . Try cotton, silk, or other natural fibers that let your skin breathe without irritating the skin with rough fibers. These can snag on dry, flaky skin, which is not only uncomfortable and annoying — it can also irritate the skin, cause itching, or lead to infection.

Use Lotion with SPF

Dry skin needs an extra layer of protective moisture, so don’t skip the lotion. Apply it all over your body immediately after showering, while your skin is still a bit damp. This keeps the water on your skin from evaporating, so it stays hydrated longer. Try using Vaseline lotion for dry skin. Vaseline Healthy Bright SPF 24 PA++ moisturizes dry skin with Vaseline Jelly and brightens it with . It also delivers protection from UV rays and environmental pollution, which can also trigger irritation and dryness.

Address your dry skin problems with the tips above and give it extra care this rainy season. Want to read more beauty tips for the rainy season? Read our article on ​