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Did you know that seemingly harmless home appliances can be bad for your skin? Sure, these nifty inventions have made life easier for most of the planet, but some of them do have that side effect. For example, air-conditioners pull in moisture, which causes your skin to shrivel up. Certain light bulbs can cause sensitivity and damage skin cells.

Thankfully are also appliances that are beneficial to your skin. Here are some examples that can help you with your beauty routine.

Salt Lamps

What are some salt lamp benefits? These decorative lights are said to aid in health. Because they produce ions, they can – like waterfalls, storms, and heat – change the electrical charge in the air. Salt lamp makers claim that having them nearby can boost your mood and help you , thus, improving the . According to a study in Research Gate, studies show that animals exposed to salt lamps have less anxiety and enhanced memory. Salt lamps also claim to soothe .

Steam Vaporizers

People typically use steam vaporizers for breathing problems or allergies. These home appliances heat water to above-boiling temperatures before it produces steam. Steam can help your skin by increasing its moisture and . You should only use the steam on your face for a few minutes – and don’t stick your head too close! A whiff is enough as you don’t want to overheat your skin, which can cause your pores to open unnecessarily.

Try using Eskinol Deep Cleanser Papaya Smooth Glow after a facial steam to remove excess oil and deep-seated dirt.


Humidifiers add moisture to the air, preventing it from being dry. They are used in the house as an appliance to keep the air cool. Although it has not been proven scientifically, humidifiers claim to aid in treating and . Some say they can also treat dryness in the nose and throat. Keep them on and feel the moisture in the air work its .

Lock in precious moisture with a nourishing cream like POND'S NEW YORK Bright Brilliance Moisturizing Face Cream Ceramide. It has ceramides, , and Actience, which brighten and even out the skin tone while keeping hydration in.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are home appliances used in dry climates. It lessens humidity and can feel like a mild air conditioner by making things near it cool with a process of making water evaporate into the air. It’s more eco-friendly than an air conditioner and can help your skin recharge when it’s too muggy outside. Be careful not to overdo it, however. Too much cool air on the skin is just as bad as too much steam.

Other home appliances can also help make your skin look and feel better, such as a simple, single waft of air from the freezer or exposure to a clothes steamer for a short amount of time. Be creative and see what’s in your immediate environment. If nothing else, turn up the electric fan and feel its effects on your skin. In this country’s climate, it will instantly make you feel less warm – which, in the end, will keep stress at bay and help your skin look better naturally.