A woman holding a mask.

Nobody leaves the house without a face mask anymore. It has become a new staple in everyone's outfit, and it has resulted in a skincare issue that affects a lot of people: maskne (a.k.a. mask acne). Sweat, oils, and dirt can get trapped under your mask, especially during hot and humid days. The friction between the cloth and your face can irritate your skin, which possibly leads to maskne. And, finding solutions on how to get rid of acne around the cheeks, nose, and chin area has become a challenge.

Acne can be caused by several things. When it's brought by pressure, friction, or rubbing, it's called acne mechanica. The physical irritations can cause your skin to weaken and allow bacteria to penetrate it, which leads to breakouts. But don’t worry. There are ways to #SkiptheMaskne while staying safe! Keep your skin clear of pesky maskne with the following tips.

1. Use a Clean Cloth Mask Every Time

While single-use face masks are still recommended, there are cloth masks now that are a safe and sometimes cute investment. The financial and environmental benefits are worth the effort to keep washing them after each use. This is the only way to effectively get rid of oils, dead skin, and dirt that get stuck in the fabric. Prevent skin irritation by using a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic detergent when washing your cloth masks.

2. Keep Your Makeup Light

Serving ~lewks~ even while wearing a face mask might be your thing, but consider ditching your full-coverage makeup and opt for breathable cosmetics instead. It's time to bring back your no-makeup makeup look and edit your products as necessary. Make sure the products you're using don’t clog your pores and cause maskne. Here's a bonus tip: Use makeup products that are labeled “non-comedogenic” so you’re assured that these won’t build up in your pores.

3. Look for an Antibacterial Cleanser for Daily Use

Thoroughly cleanse your skin before you put on your face mask. This is one of the most essential steps on how to get rid of acne. Keep in mind that you need a gentle yet effective cleanser, like the NEW POND'S Bright Ultimate Acne Control Facial Foam. One of its ingredients is beta hydroxy acid, or BHA for short, which helps prevent acne by unclogging your pores of excess sebum, dead skin cells, and pimple-causing bacteria.

4. Set Your Alarm to Every Four Hours and Take a Mask Break

Take off your mask for 15 minutes every four hours, suggests the American Academy of Dermatology. This helps your skin feel less sore and irritated, especially when face masks are worn over long periods. But don't remove your mask anywhere, of course; only do so outdoors where you’re socially distanced from people or when you’re alone in your car.

5. Use Antibacterial Skincare Products to Freshen Up On the Go.

Annoying acne-causing bacteria live on your skin’s surface and just wait for the perfect moment to wreak havoc on your skin. Whenever you go out, it’s a good idea to prevent maskne by keeping antibacterial essentials on hand. Carry a face mist and wipes to stay fresh on the go.

We hope these tips on how to get rid of acne were able to help you achieve flawless skin while staying safe. Share these with friends who might be dealing with maskne, too.