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Hypoallergenic products are not just for babies. In fact, many adults who claim to have sensitive skin benefit from their non-irritating formulas. According to a worldwide study published in 2019, 60-70% of women and 50-60% of men have reported to experience some level of . If you belong to this group, know that you’re not just being a snowflake — sensitive skin is real and needs to be pampered accordingly.

First, what exactly is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is not like “dry skin” or “,” which are considered as medical diagnoses. Instead, it’s more of an umbrella term for skin that is more susceptible to adverse reactions and inflammation. Sensitive skin can be caused by a myriad of factors and can manifest in different ways.

Sunlight, wind, very cold and very hot temperatures can cause sensitivity. It can also be the result of conditions such as contact dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, severe skin dryness, eczema, and rosacea. Reactions to external irritants aren't pretty and can appear as hives, redness, rashes, breakouts, stinging, and sunburns. Luckily, there are products that specifically care for sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic Products: What are they and what makes them different?

“Hypoallergenic” is a widely used label in skincare and cosmetics that are formulated such that they are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction. While no product can guarantee that nobody in the whole wide world would be allergic to any of its ingredients, having the hypoallergenic label is still helpful for people with sensitive skin, who need to narrow their options down.

The label is usually used on products made for babies, since their delicate skin is more prone to moisture loss and becoming irritated. However, not all gentle products for baby are hypoallergenic. So be careful before using it, especially for newborns.

Nevertheless, adults with the same issues can definitely use them, too! Products for adults, such as soaps, lotions, and cosmetics, can also carry the hypoallergenic label. If you are looking for gentler, alternative skincare options, look no further. Here are some hypoallergenic products for different skincare needs: 

Moisturize your sensitive skin with Baby Dove.

Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance-Free Lotion is a hypoallergenic and pH-neutral baby lotion that is formulated for sensitive skin. It is gentle enough for newborn skin, and is also compatible with eczema-prone skin. Skin sensitivity is heightened when skin is extremely dry, because moisture acts as a protective barrier between the skin and irritants from the environment. The Baby Dove baby lotion can help make sensitive skin more resilient with an added dose of gentle, nourishing moisture.

Sanitize on-the-go with alcohol-free wipes.

Most wipes in the market are disinfectants and contain alcohol, which can be harsh on the skin. Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Baby Wipes are suitable for newborn skin, and are formulated to be mild, non-irritating, and gentle as water. It is dermatologist-, pediatrician- and ophthalmologist-tested, so you can use on it your whole face. Rest-assured it won’t sting your eyes. It’s alcohol-free and fragrance-free, so it’s been rid of common irritants that cause reactions in sensitive skin.

Get intense moisturization with healing petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly is an all-around product that’s useful to have in one’s skincare arsenal. Among its myriad of uses include healing minor scrapes and burns, preventing diaper rash, moisturizing the skin, saving split-ends, and healing cracked lips. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is 100% pure, hypoallergenic, and does not clog pores. It is also recognized by the National Eczema Association and is suitable for eczema-prone skin.

Got sensitive skin? Protect it by using hypoallergenic products that are formulated to be gentle, non-irritating, and moisturizing. If you know someone with sensitive skin, share this article with them!