A collage of Hailey Bieber with latte makeup and a woman with strawberry makeup.

Leave it to TikTok to come up with outrageous-sounding beauty trends. Unless you’ve been chilling on a secluded island for the last 365 days, you know a thing or two about latte makeup and other food-inspired looks. Or the avalanche of “-core” aesthetics, which are too many to count. But if we’re being real, some of these internet crazes were fun and totally worth the hype.

With only a few weeks before the new year rolls around, now is as good a time as any to try out all the biggest beauty fads of 2023. Below are the top trends that have dominated our feeds, along with tips to master them.

1. Latte Makeup

We all want to look like a sun-kissed goddess, and latte makeup is the way to do it. The trend shares the DNA of the summer bronze makeup of the ’70s, only it’s more natural-looking. It calls for brown shades that have a neutral undertone. Colors like peach and burnt orange will inadvertently make your skin , which is not the goal here. Also, stick to formulas with a satin finish for that airbrushed glow.

2. Strawberry Makeup

Yet another summer trend with no signs of slowing down, the strawberry makeup is exactly what you imagine it would be. Think pink blush, rosy lips, and faux freckles. The rest of the look is kept to a minimum as the stars of the show are your cheeks. For beginners, pick a since it’s easier to blend. You can apply it all over your eyelids for a monochromatic look. And, of course, coat your lips with a juicy balm or sheer gloss.

3. Vanilla Girl Fashion

Love latte makeup? You’ll be hooked on the vanilla girl aesthetic. What makes the vanilla girl so popular is the sleek and effortless appearance. The clothes include well-fitted basics in neutral colors. The hair is bouncy with curtain bangs, often styled with . Feathery brows, , and soft contour are the hallmarks of this look.

The key to the vanilla girl trend is to highlight all your gorgeous natural features without overdoing it. So be sure to be lighthanded when applying your makeup and remember that less is more.

4. Cozy Girl Aesthetic

If chunky knitwear and pumpkin spice lattes are some of your favorite things about the , you’re a cozy girl personified (hooray!). The aesthetic is inspired by the homey autumn vibe with warm muted colors. Unlike the latte makeup and its satin finish, it leans more toward a matte brown makeup look. A translucent powder and a good setting spray are your BFFs.

5. Douyin Makeup

Of all the beauty trends on TikTok, Douyin makeup is the most complex one. Most of the techniques are expert-level and turn away from the ones people are used to. However, you can successfully adapt the look even if you’re a novice, as long as you’re open to some experimentation.

For starters, eye contouring to create the (a pocket of fat under the eyes) is a common feature of the viral Chinese makeup look. The secret lies in blending a cool-toned taupe shade with a small, angled brush and highlighting the center with glitter. To make your face pop, put on some manhua lashes and use liquid eyeliner to draw a few strands of bottom lashes.

6. Witchy Glam

Olivia Rodrigo’s Vampire era, the Twilight Renaissance, and Tim Burton’s Wednesday have all paved the way for the witchy glam trend. Although it’s no longer the , dark red shades and gothic vibes are cool all year round. Ditch your MLBB lipstick for a deep wine lip cream. As for the eye makeup, spider lashes and a sharp cat eye add a touch of sultriness.

7. Pink Bunny Tongue

Pouty lips are all the rage in 2023, and so is the . Mix the two and you have the “pink bunny tongue” trend. It all began when a photo of a bunny with its tongue sticking out became viral. Makeup fans thought it was the perfect shade for a lip gloss. Fast forward to today: fans are still on the hunt for the same baby pink lip color. If you do find one, prep your lips with petroleum jelly to ensure your gloss go on smoothly.

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It has been a fun-filled year for the beauty industry, with trends like latte makeup and “pink bunny tongue” lips in the trends department. Here’s hoping that 2024 will give us as many (or more) fab trends to obsess over.