An Asian woman practicing mind over matter on a yoga mat.

Meditation has many well-known benefits, but being silent and staying focused for a period isn't easy for everybody. However, if the promise of peace and positivity does not appeal to you, another reason might compel you to get into the practice. The philosophy of "mind over matter" is quickly becoming the top skincare solution of the 21st century.

Integrating meditation into your beauty routine is not a new trend. Numerous personalities have testified to the impact of in their skin care. Just , it's an internal process that manifests physically. Understand the science behind beauty and meditation and say hello to better skin!

Is That Pimple a Mind Over Matter Situation?

Stress is the fast explanation for how your mind is connected to your skincare routine. Ever wonder why your acne seems to multiply during high-pressure scenarios, such as hell week or looming deadlines?

A study in reveals that emotional stress induces the secretion of hormones that can . Acne is also associated with sleep quality – which can also take a hit when you feel overwhelmed.

Try to see if the situation is just a mind-over-matter scenario. Rearranging your perspective can and promote a good night’s sleep. A found that meditation effectively reduces cortisol levels in just a few weeks. A randomized clinical trial published in the reported that people who meditate two hours a week have less insomnia and fatigue. So, if you toss and turn in your sleep, add meditation into your pre-bedtime ritual.

Meditation could even be the fountain of youth since it . Nuclear factor kappa B, a protein complex involved in stress management and immunity, is a vital factor in skin aging and inflammation. Inhibiting the signaling of NF-κB helps prevent wrinkle formation.

How to Start Meditating (Diligently!) 

You might think meditating is as simple as closing your eyes and breathing in and out. But soon, you'll realize how deafening your waves of thoughts can be. There are many ways to go about it, from guided to mantra meditation. Whichever you choose, mind-over-matter practices can be done mostly everywhere. You can even do it . Follow these steps to introduce meditation as part of your daily routine.

Begin in the shower.

As soon as warm water hits your skin, relax and let out a deep breath. Focus on the sound, heat, and sensation from the water. Keep a slow breathing tempo – counting numbers helps if your mind runs wild. Enjoy the moment, and don’t rush.

Once you’re ready, wash up as usual. Use a hypoallergenic soap, like Dove Beauty Bar Sensitive, to prevent your skin from drying and itching after a shower. It’s a fragrance-free soap that contains ¼ moisturizing cream – as gentle as your thoughts while meditating. If you feel like having a bath, try Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash. It’s gentle, hypoallergenic, and contains Moisture Renew Blend that keeps your skin supple.

Continue with your skincare routine.

After putting on your clothes, look at yourself in the mirror and say an encouraging mantra. Reciting “I am beautiful” or “I’m grateful to be myself” can boost your confidence and keep you centered. Turn on instrumental songs and perform your skin ritual with intention. Apply serums and creams while paying attention to the sensory experience. Stay present without judgment or negative thoughts – remember to be kind to yourself.

Sit down and meditate.

The key to meditation is enjoying your own company. Sit in any pose that allows you to breathe comfortably. Let loose physically and mentally. Feel your surroundings and observe the thoughts roaming through your head. Don’t obstruct this contemplation – listen and bring back the attention to your breathing. The goal is not to ignore wandering thoughts but to allow them to be unattended. Do this for about five to 10 minutes, and you're golden!

The verdict is in – meditation and mindfulness are worthy tools to add to your skincare regimen. So, the next time you feel stressed over a stress-induced pimple, remember it's all just mind over matter. Give yourself a moment and breathe!