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Skincare trends flood every day, giving viewers of all ages tons of information to sift through and, more importantly, choose from. Rising from the clutter are new skincare ingredients niasorcinol and hexyl-retinol, the hardworking heroes that deserve a prime spot in your routine. Scroll down to learn more about these exciting beauty developments and try them out yourself!

Ingredients to Watch: Niasorcinol and Hexyl-retinol

Testing the limits of what is possible in terms of skin goals, POND’S launches two new products, each with groundbreaking active ingredients. These ingredients, niasorcinol and hexyl-retinol, take your beloved POND’S products to the next level by helping you achieve your skin goals – whether that’s brightening or anti-aging – faster and more efficiently.

Niasorcinol is the ultimate skin brightener.

Using patented technology that uses the skin’s ability to repair itself, the new POND'S Bright Miracle Night Serum is the ultimate in skin brightening. It penetrates deep into the skin to address dark spots with its hero ingredient, niasorcinol – a blend of everyone’s favorite niacinamide and e-resorcinol. 

Everyone’s favorite ingredient, is known to fade sunspots and post-acne marks by inhibiting the transfer of melanin to skin cells. Meanwhile, E-resorcinol is a compound that has 500 times the brightening power of the former. It works by inhibiting tyrosinase activity, further controlling melanin production.

Niasorcinol, which combines these two ingredients, is a breakthrough technology that is proven more effective than basic brightening actives such as niacinamide, , hydroquinone, or kojic acid. Niasorcinol’sholistic approach to skin brightening works on five levels:

  • Protection from
  • Increased cell turnover
  • Inhibition of melanin transfer
  • Inhibition of tyrosinase activity
  • Increased pheomelanin (for pinkish skin)
  • Melanin decomposition for ultimately clear skin

It's no surprise the ingredient is trending on TikTok, since 91% of women who used the product agree that it made their skin brighter within two weeks and and dullness in three days of use(based on an eight-week clinical test on 40 women).

Hexyl-retinol repairs skin and replenishes collagen.

The next breakthrough ingredient is hexyl-retinol, found in the new POND'S Ultimate Youth Night Serum. Collagen loss and subsequent damage is a normal part of aging, resulting in , enlarged pores, sagging, and .

A patented anti-aging technology from POND’S, hexyl-retinol works with your skin to boost collagen and speed up skin repair by up to 10 times, making it better than prestige brands in promoting skin renewal. It’s made up of the following:

  • Hexylresorcinol – Addresses dark spots by inhibiting tyrosinase activity to control melanin production.
  • - Renews skin to plump fine lines by increasing collagen production and prolonging its activity in the skin.
  • Niacinamide - Brightens dull skin by inhibiting the transfer of melanin to skin cells.

Within three days of using the product, your skin will start feeling plumper, bouncier, and more youthful-looking. Ninety-two percent of users saw reduced wrinkles, dark spots, and lifted skin in just four days of use, based on the same test above.

Always Check the Science

Plenty of skincare trends make the rounds on without any evidence of their effectiveness or safety. Before adopting fad ingredients and routines, always check the science. Both niacinamide and e-resorcinol are clinically proven effective and suitable for everyday use. Upgrade your regimen with these science-backed products and see the results for yourself.