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Scars are proof of healing, and they are beautiful. However, if they’re bothering you, you are free to address them through whatever means are available. To help you find an effective peklat remover, follow the trail of this hero ingredient that’s been making the rounds on social media and magazines: . A form of Vitamin B3, this crowd-pleaser delivers soothing, hydrating, and scar-fading benefits to . Here’s how niacinamide helps with scar removal.

It Builds Keratin

Niacinamide boosts the skin’s immunity by helping build keratin, a protein that keeps the skin firm and healthy. A 2004 study published in the National Library of Medicine cites that topically applying niacinamide leads to an increase in protein synthesis. In mature skin, it can help improve the skin’s surface structure and . In , it demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects that reduce inflammation.

It Helps Skin Retain Moisture

is better equipped to defend itself against external aggressors that trigger inflammation that can lead to scarring. The more inflamed the injury, the more serious the scar. Niacinamide can help the skin grow a ceramide lipid barrier, which can help , in dry skin, and .

It Regulates Oil and Reduces the Appearance of Pores

When our skin is oily, we tend to stop moisturizing thinking we don’t need it — but oil isn’t moisture and oily skin still needs the latter. By keeping the skin moisturized, niacinamide also and prevents oil glands from going into overdrive. Over time, this also improves and reduces the appearance of pores.

Try a product that has niacinamide and for twice the protection. POND’S Age Miracle Day Cream has SPF 18 PA++, , Vitamin E, and , to boost the skin’s barrier while improving texture and protecting the skin from free radicals and

It Fades Hyperpigmentation

entails dark patches of skin that have resulted from excess melanin production caused by scarring, sun exposure, or hormonal changes. Another study in NLM states that niacinamide is effective in skin lightening in people with hyperpigmentation after at least four weeks of use. Can a scar be removed permanently? The truth is that no scar can be completely removed, unless you resort to surgery. But ingredients like niacinamide can help improve their appearance.

To even out your skin tone and fade peklat, try , which brightens, softens, and smoothens skin with niacinamide and delivers 96 percent better UVA/UVB protection. Use daily to while protecting from further hyperpigmentation from sun exposure.

When looking for a peklat remover, look for niacinamide or Vitamin B3 on the product label. All these benefits combined make it effective at improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of darker scars.