Woman wearing pore strip on her nose.

On the list of strangely satisfying skincare items, pore strips are in the number one spot. These paper-thin bandages are designed to pull out blackheads in one quick (and painful) motion. The best part, of course, is staring at the stalactite-like bits of hardened sebum attached to the strip.

However, as gratifying as it is, many beauty enthusiasts are against using nose strips to unclog pores. If you’re unsure where you stand on this debate, keep reading to know all the facts.

Fact #1: They Remove Blackheads, But Not Entirely

When used correctly, pore strips remove superficial . The adhesive strip works by plucking the debris from your pores instead of treating the underlying cause. The gunk you pull out are not comedones but a mix of dead skin cells, hair, dirt, and oil aka sebum plugs.

Blackheads are embedded in the hair follicles, which makes them difficult to yank out entirely. That's why you can still see the dark dots around your nose, even though the strip is full of tiny, prickly spots.

To treat blackheads at the root, opt for a face wash containing , like POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Acne Control Facial Foam. One of its hero ingredients is , which penetrates the pores to soften and dissolve sebum. It also contains patented technology that treats pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads in three days.

Fact #2: They Can Cause Breakouts

Does your nose feel itchy after using a pore strip? That mild tingle is an SOS sent by your skin barrier. The adhesive strips your skin of natural oils it needs to and keep bacteria away.

When your skin gets dry, it overcompensates by producing more sebum, resulting in even more . If you use the strips too often, your blackheads will worsen and possibly become acne. It's also worth noting that you shouldn't use pore strips on active pimples. They're too abrasive and may damage the underlying tissue.

Fact #3: They Don’t Shrink Pores

Newsflash: No topical skin treatment can reduce . Those who love using nose strips gush over their smooth, post-yank skin. But the effect is only short-term because pore size is determined by genetics and other factors such as age, skin type, and .

While certain skincare products and treatments can help reduce the appearance of sebaceous glands, a pore strip is not one of them. Over time, it can stretch the openings and make them even look larger. Yikes.

If your large pores are causing more problems than you can handle, be sure to use non-comedogenic products. Maintain a consistent skincare routine to decongest your pores and minimize the risks of breakouts. POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Pore Clear Facial Scrub can do both. Made with salicylic acid that refines the skin while helping reduce breakouts.

Fact #4: They Don’t Cause Spider Veins

Pore strips have long been rumored to cause broken capillaries, but that’s just a myth. While pulling does cause trauma to the skin, pore strips themselves won’t break the tiny blood vessels around the nose. They’re not strong enough to pull off the skin and cause permanent damage.

The culprits behind branch-shaped red marks on your skin are DNA, , and . However, people with existing conditions like and psoriasis naturally have thinner skin, and pore strips can irritate the epidermis and make their redness more pronounced.

Fact #5: You Probably Enjoy Horror Movies If You Like Looking at Used Pore Strips

There’s a psychological explanation for why millions find pore strips very satisfying. finds that people who enjoy watching facial extractions videos are better at controlling their feeling of disgust. While these videos are repulsive, they don’t pose a real threat – just like scary movies! Some people will initially feel slightly anxious, but it turns into excitement as the brain releases dopamine. Netflix and pore strips? Friday night bliss.

It’s okay to use pore strips for fun occasionally, as they can temporarily “clear” your face. However, keep in mind that other alternatives like the products mentioned above are more reliable. If you are going to use a pore strip, follow the instructions on the label and moisturize your skin after!