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It’s not every day that we wake up full of confidence and self-love. In times when we can't help but feel blah and uninspired, a few positive affirmations and self-esteem-boosting habits can go a long way. These Filipinas share their practices for – perhaps they’ll inspire you when you need a lift.

Doing Your Best Today

“It might not be a habit or a practice, but what helps boost my self-esteem is just showing up for work and doing my best for the day. Seeing your finished work in front of you – whether that be a published article, an approved pitch, or a completed art commission – is already a self-esteem boost on its own! It’s a reminder that I can accomplish things on my own.”

Count Your Blessings, Write Them Down

“I write on my journal every morning. I list down the things I am grateful for and then share some of my feelings in between. The process of writing is a great help to know myself better, and it affects my self-esteem in a good way. Being true to my feelings and knowing what I want have contributed to building my . I also love re-reading my old entries to remind myself how far I've come. This may be old school, but I cannot emphasize how much this has helped in so many ways!”

Create a Self-care Routine

“To boost my self-esteem (especially now that I am pregnant), I make sure I pamper myself with an effective skincare routine, do weekly face masks, and I even spritz my fave perfume even if I'm just home.”

Confidence can start with clean, healthy skin. Start every day with a cleansing routine that nourishes your skin and gives it a radiant boost. Eskinol Naturals Micellar Water Clear with Natural Lemon Extracts cleanses your skin with a gentle, mattifying formula. No need to rinse!

Honor Your Path and Pace

“There will always be someone better —or worse — at something, so I try not to compare. It’s OK to be inspired by others, but I make sure to honor my own path and pace. I heard this in with Kassandra’s affirmation ritual (on YouTube), and it really grounds me: “You are unique, and that is your greatest power.”

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

“There are several no-fail habits that I follow to boost my self-esteem – dancing aimlessly to my morning playlist to get me going. Finding perfectly fitting clothes to match my mood. Nice silk pajamas sets. Being able to finish my self-mandated eight glasses of water daily. The perfect shade of red lipstick. Having the time at night to do my and finishing off with an LED mask so I can look forward to nice skin in the morning.”

If you don’t have an LED mask, get a glowing complexion with a sheet mask. Find one that replenishes the skin’s natural amino acids and lipids and keeps it plump, moist, and supple. Make sure to wear your masks for no longer than 20 minutes to avoid dryness or irritation.

Put Some Effort into Your Appearance

“Exercise, even just walking 10,000 steps, makes me stand straighter, feel lighter, walk with confidence. An hour of movement a day makes all the difference. A new piece of clothing, be it a top, pants, or shoes, always gives me a boost of confidence when I first wear them. Nothing like a good outfit to make you feel like a million bucks, no matter the cost.”

“Makeup, although I hardly wear it nowadays, is always a booster, especially now that I’m older. A little effort goes a long way. A skincare routine that garners results is also just as important. Flawless makeup starts with good skin! When you get compliments, graciously accept them. Own it! And be sincerely grateful. When people I love and care about tell me how important I am in their lives, how I’ve made a difference no matter how small, how well I’ve handled a difficult situation. Those words lift me up and make me want to do even better.”

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How do you give yourself a self-esteem boost? When you’re not feeling yourself, take a cue from these beautiful, confident women and give yourself a pick-me-up.