Asian woman applying a cream mask on her face in front of a mirror.

Skin care, which falls under the often misjudged “beauty” realm, is sometimes dismissed as frivolous and superficial. A blessed few pride themselves in using only soap and water to maintain their clear skin – to which we say “sana all.” In truth, not needing skin care is as much a privilege as having the means to practice it. So do yourself a kindness and invest in a good skincare routine, no matter how simple or elaborate. Here’s why.

It Leads to Greater Self-Appreciation

Developing self-appreciation starts with recognizing the factors that affect it negatively. Physical appearance, according to a 2019 study in the Frontiers of Psychiatry, nabs the top spot for women of all ages. If your skin has always been a point of frustration (maybe you had acne growing up or often get eczema flareups), focusing on self-care can help. 

Show yourself some kindness with a that addresses your skin issues. Not only will it improve your skin’s health, but it will also give your well-being a boost. This routine can act as an anchor when your and give you something positive – even meditative and pleasurable – to focus on. Even if your condition doesn’t improve immediately (as is often the case with many skin issues), the positive experience of self-care will help build confidence and self-appreciation.

It’s Giving Yourself the Time and Attention You Deserve

Physical touch and quality time are Filipino love languages often expressed towards relatives, friends, and significant others. However, we rarely take the time to show ourselves the same kindness. We are taught to be resilient, to tend to others, and be generous with compassion – and how it’s selfish to act any other way. To this day, some traditional thinkers still see “” as self-indulgent and absurd!

The truth is, there’s no shame in taking time for yourself and attending to your needs, and skin care is one way to give yourself the TLC you deserve. Over time, doing this will create that can help you manage stress, increase your energy, and reduce your risk of illness.

It’s an Act of Acceptance and Empowering Action

People with skin conditions have a harder time than others. Dealing with , psoriasis, or can be tough on self-esteem. It can feel impossible to see your beauty when your skin appears . Although trying out products and treatments can feel like a losing battle, committing to the process and remembering why you are doing it can be empowering.

Taking care of your skin based on type and concerns is accepting it for what it is. The latter doesn’t mean sitting back and allowing your condition to fester; it means not denying that your skin needs specific care, products, and attention. This kind of proactive approach can make you feel more empowered and in control of your situation, regardless of the outcome.

How to Show Your Skin Some Kindness

Being kind to your skin is being kind to yourself. It is, after all, the largest organ in the human body and one that works so hard to shield you from external threats. Want to be kinder to your skin? Here’s how.

Use a light touch.

We grow up believing that poor hygiene causes most skin issues. While this may sometimes be true, it’s not always the case. Rubbing and scrubbing your skin won’t solve your problems and can make them worse. Instead, use a light, gentle touch when , , or drying the skin after a shower.

Gently wash your face with Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Moisture Care, a lightweight mousse formula that lifts dirt and impurities from your skin while delivering intense hydration.

Hydrate from the inside.

No amount of can compensate for dehydration. in your body can show up on your skin as tiredness, dullness, fine lines, dark undereye circles, and irritation. To truly help your skin, hydrate from the inside by drinking lots of water and consuming water-rich foods. Avoiding diuretics like caffeine and alcohol can also help.

If you’re going on a trip, pre-game by drinking more water a few days before. Doing this will keep you from even after a . Meanwhile, strengthen your skin barrier with a repairing product like Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Lotion Overnight Radiance Repair. It has a light, non-sticky texture and contains 10x Amino Peptide Complex that deeply moisturizes the skin.

Do not use products just because they’re trendy.

Having a skincare routine is one thing, but making sure it is tailored to your needs is another. Using products that don’t suit your skin can lead to breakouts and irritation. Sometimes, they may even damage your . Be friends with your skin and get to know it better to avoid exposing it to trendy products that won’t do it any good.

Embrace what makes it unique.

Your skin is unique to you and that’s what makes it beautiful. The world would be so boring if everyone had the same skin tone, skin texture, and beauty marks. Want to embrace your ? Use the right foundation shade. Love your ? Highlight them with a cream blush and a little bit of shimmer.

There are many ways to show yourself some kindness. Having a skincare routine that’s tailored to your needs is just one of them. In paying attention to your skin, you’re also getting to know yourself and leaning into everything that makes you different.