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Visit any beauty store and you’ll see a myriad of products claiming to shrink pores. Can they really make large pores disappear? The simple answer is no. Besides, you should not want them gone.

Everyone has visible pores that carry natural oils to the surface of the skin. They do not open or close but expand when grime and excess oil clog their openings. However, , acne, and age can stretch your pores out. Some people may have more visible pores because of their genes, not because their skin is unhealthy.

While no product can get rid of pores, some skincare techniques can make large pores more refined and, therefore, less noticeable. Follow these tips to have visibly smoother skin and prevent your pores from getting any larger.

Double Cleansing Is a Must

Sometimes, your skin needs more than a one-time wash to clean a day's worth of makeup, sunscreen, oil, and buildup. is a two-step process that involves removing dirt, grime, and sebum with an oil-based cleanser, then using a water-based product to remove any residue.

Start with a to remove impurities. If you have acne-prone skin, which can enlarge pores, use non-comedogenic products like Eskinol Pimple Relief Micellar Water, which also addresses pimples with cica and green tea extract. After your face is makeup-free, go in with a second cleanser, like a facial foam, to wash away excess grime.

Tighten Large Pores With Toner

Don’t skip the toner! It rebalances the skin's pH levels, locks moisture, and keeps bacteria from your pores. It can also get rid of excess sebum and refine your skin with active ingredients like . Many toners also contain in lower concentrations, which gently remove dead skin cells, whiteheads, and blackheads. Use toner once a day and see how smooth your skin feels.

Up Your Collagen Production

Collagen makes up 70% of the skin tissue. As you age, your collagen reserves naturally decrease and your skin becomes less elastic, resulting in large pores. While you can't turn back time, you can tighten your pores by using skin-renewing products.

Anti-aging products are the unsung heroes of refining pores. They have active ingredients that encourage cell regeneration and renew skin collagen. The most popular examples are retinol and hyaluronic acid, which work better together.

These powerful ingredients are in POND'S Age Miracle Ultimate Youth Essence with 3x Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide to Boost Collagen. This fast-absorbing serum also has collagen, prebiotics, and niacinamide to keep your skin youthful. And the best part is you can use it daily with no peeling, dryness, or redness.

Give Microneedling a Go

Microneedling is the process of puncturing the skin with very tiny needles to make your pores look smaller. It seems counterintuitive, but it can radically improve skin texture and help even out your skin tone (bye, hyperpigmentation!). And if you’re worried about the pain, don’t be. The needles only go as deep as 3.5 millimeters into the skin to trigger natural healing and synthesize collagen fibers.

Before trying any treatment, ask a dermatologist to examine your skin type and customize how deep the needles should go. This gives you the best chance at favorable results and reduces the risk of infection.

Use a Clay Mask Weekly

Swap your pore strips with a clay mask for a gentler way to address large pores. The mask works like a magnet, drawing out oxidized sebum, , and other impurities. It detoxifies your pores as it dries, making them appear smaller. Since a clay mask can be very absorbent, avoid using it more than once a week. After rinsing, complete your routine with a to prevent dryness.

There’s no shame in having large pores. You’re human and human skin has texture! Fixating on making them disappear may only make matters worse, so focus on keeping them clear and hydrated instead. Following the tips above will make you feel better about your pores and give your skin some extra love it deserves.