Close-up of a woman in blue, scratching her hands.

Whether you’re pushing paper, taking care of little ones, or doing some literal heavy lifting at the gym, your precious hands always get a lot of action. Because of constant exposure and friction, conditions like skin peeling on the fingers can be difficult to avoid, but it doesn’t mean you should just watch your precious paws wither away. Find out the different causes of peeling and how to protect your busy hands.

1. Dry Skin

Washing your hands is essential to avoiding germs, but frequent handwashing can leave your skin dry and flaky. Harsh soaps and sanitizers can strip the skin of natural oils, resulting in skin peeling on the fingers and palms. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice good hygiene for soft skin. Consider applying cream after washing your hands to replenish lost moisture.

Moreover, choose gentle products like Dove Nourishing Hand Wash Cucumber and Green Tea. It is formulated with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream to nourish your skin up to 10 layers deep, and cucumber and green tea to soothe and refresh your hands.

2. Sunburn

You can get sunburn anywhere on your body, including your hands. As your heals, you may experience skin peeling on the fingers. To get relief, take cool showers to tame the inflammation. After bathing, apply or after-sun lotion to help heal your sunburned skin, focusing on areas that are peeling.

3. Hand Dermatitis

Hand dermatitis, also known as hand eczema, is common among individuals who do a lot of manual labor or are often exposed to chemicals. Although it isn’t contagious, you can be predisposed to the condition because of genetics. Symptoms can include redness, itching, rough patches, and peeling skin.

To prevent hand dermatitis, use proper protective gear when handling chemicals and wash with a soap-free cleanser to avoid further irritation. Apply a layer of emollient cream throughout the day, especially after washing. In severe cases, your dermatologist may prescribe a steroid ointment for you to apply topically.

4. Harsh Chemicals

Skin that is already dry or sensitive can suffer further irritation from harsh ingredients in soaps, moisturizers, , or household cleaners. Irritants like fragrances, formaldehyde, and antibiotics can trigger skin peeling on the fingers.

To find out if you have sensitive skin, ask your dermatologist to give you a patch test and help you identify which ingredients to avoid. In the meantime, use made for sensitive skin. A quick will tell you if a product contains dyes, sulfates, or chemicals that can damage your skin.

5. Allergies

Another cause of skin peeling on the fingers is . For instance, nickel from jewelry, such as a ring, can irritate. Latex gloves can also trigger allergies, especially if you wear them often (shout out to our girls in healthcare). Look for latex-free gloves instead, and stop wearing if it’s causing a reaction.

6. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes scaly, dry, or itchy skin. Although there is no cure, you can manage psoriasis with treatments like tar, salicylic acid, corticosteroids, and calcipotriene. If you notice silvery plaques or unusual lesions on your hands, see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

7. Vitamin Deficiency

Skin peeling on the fingers can be a sign of vitamin deficiency. A lack of (vitamin B3) can lead to a condition called pellagra, which can cause dermatitis, a possible cause of peeling from inflammation. Since your body doesn’t store it, a vitamin B3-rich diet – chicken, turkey, lamb, broccoli, and peas – can help.

Biotin (vitamin B7_ is necessary for , skin, and nails. A deficiency may contribute to dryness and peeling on your hands and fingers. Try adding biotin to your diet by consuming more tuna, salmon, avocados, and nuts.

Skin peeling on the fingers can have different causes, so it’s crucial to identify what’s triggering the reaction before treating the area. Whether or not you have an underlying condition, keep the skin on your hands moisturized and protected with gentle products suitable for daily use.