Many have been born on Instagram over the past few years. Some reflect the more traditional views on skin perfection, while others challenge the norm. The   movement is growing on social media, and it’s all about confidence, , and taking back the shame associated with certain skin conditions such as acne. Currently, the hashtag #skinpositivity has 145,220 posts from all over the world.

Meanwhile, there is another movement called skin neutrality, which asserts that skin is just a body part and is neither good nor bad. Whichever movement you subscribe to, just the fact that we are having this conversation is a step in the right direction. In the meantime, you too can embrace your skin — pimples, , pores, and all — like these women.

Lou Northcote

Acne positivity activist and creator of #freethepimple, Lou Northcote, alternates chic lifestyle and fashion photos with skin-positive selfies — closeups of her face showing acne, pores, and texture. She takes her followers with her on her journey and shares her skincare routine. She writes on Instagram: Don’t let your skin define you because you are more than your skin!

Constanza Concha

Beauty blogger, Constanza Concha, is so skin-positive, she posed for one of the covers of Glamour magazine’s Self-Love Issue, barefaced. In one of her posts, she shares that she once felt so bad that she would never look like the stereotypical beautiful girl in her country, Venezuela. Through her posts, she tries to empower young girls by being real about their skin and skincare routines.

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Carolyn Lee

23-year old beauty influencer, Carolyn, mostly posts about all the creative, fun, and unique looks she creates with makeup. While those are impressive in themselves, there is incredible power in how she doesn’t hide the texture of her skin, her pores, and her acne marks. So-called skin imperfections make her that much more beautiful.

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Chiara Lionel

Psoriasis is no joke, and sadly, it’s also not something that people are comfortable seeing or talking about. Psoriasis advocate, data analyst, and beauty enthusiast, Chiara Lionel, accepts her skin condition and shows everyone that you can have this very difficult skin condition and still live a full life. She writes powerful posts on Instagram about her skin when it’s bad and equally powerful posts when it’s good. 

Andi Eigenmann

“It wasn't until I accepted myself for who I am — yes, flaws and all — that I was able to attract positivity and light and happiness and give that back to those I love,” Andi Eigenmann, writes on her Instagram. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable and share photos of her bare face and baby bump with stretch marks, like the perfectly common skin conditions that they are. 

Megan Wick

Her motto is “embracing life, no matter what my skin looks like,” and she shares that healing starts with attitude. In a post on her Instagram, the actress says that she was once full of negativity and hatred, mostly towards her skin. Today, she is at peace, non-judgmental, and more positive. She promotes this attitude while showing how her skin fluctuates from good one day to breaking out the next and sharing empowering messages with her followers. 

Skin perfection is an unattainable  that you shouldn’t follow to live up to others’ expectations. You can love your skin just as it is and still care for it, just like these inspiring women.