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If looking back at your teenage skincare routine doesn’t make you cringe, have you lived? Gone are the days of burning your skin with super-strong acne creams, using toothpaste to kill a zit, and recklessly slathering on tanning oil. We have better products now, not to mention unlimited access to information. Does this mean we know better? We asked people what skincare tips they would give their younger selves. Here are their responses.

Use Sunscreen

In the early days of TV, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone applying sunscreen. But the truth is, Baywatch stars of the ‘90s went through 40 bottles of sunscreen a month, as the show’s makeup artist revealed in an interview.

Back then, no one — except Baz Luhrmann — talked about SPF as essential to skin care. . sunscreen for beach trips. Today, it’s one of the most popular skincare tips people wish they knew about when they were younger.

“Always wear sunscreen.” - Regine Mae Lao

“Sunscreen always!” - Kat Darauay 

“Start using sunscreen in your teens.” - Jordana Blanco

“Hydrate, moisturize, wear sunscreen.” - Natalie Falk

“Wear SPF 50, not Maui Babe!” - MarbbieTagabucba

“Wear sunscreen every day.” - Dinna Vasquez

“Wear moisturizer and SPF.” - Sasha Mariposa

“Sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.” - Rorie Carlos

Wearing sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays that can cause , as well as aggravate pimples. Apply POND'S UV Bright Sunscreen, which offers broad-spectrum protection, all over your face daily to prevent sun damage. For the body, slather on Vaseline Healthy Bright SPF24 PA++ Sun + Pollution Protection Body Lotion, which offers sun protection while evening out the skin tone.

Hands Off the Face

Admit it, you touched your face a lot in your teens. No matter how many times your mom, lola, and dermatologist told you not to, you still went ahead and explored that terrain with your hands. If you only knew then how dirty cafeteria tables, keyboards, and doorknobs were, and how your that bacteria to your face.

Among the most crucial skincare tips you learn growing up is to never . Some people even carry a strange fascination for it into adulthood (hello, Dr. Pimple Popper), but more now understand better than to do it themselves. These women certainly have learned their lesson and advise you not to make the same mistakes.

“Stop picking at pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Use sunscreen and lotion. Stop being lazy.” - Aliyya Sawadjaan

“As much as possible, don’t subject your face to any facial treatment that involves pricking, unless necessary.” - Mindy Kaw

For adolescents who need a mild deep cleanser that addresses oil and acne, try Eskinol Deep Cleanser Mild for Teens. It comprises vitamin E, cucumber extract, and water minerals to care for young skin.

Know Your Products

It must be nice to grow up having access to all these skincare tips and products. Most of those who were born B.G. (Before Google) started their skincare journey blind, that is, not knowing anything but what their moms and magazines told them. Doing your “research” meant going through a grueling process of trial and error. “Oops, this made my skin breakout. Oh well, on to the next one!”

Few people read the ingredients list of skincare products because there was no way to Google what they meant or what they were for. Buying that tub of zit cream was an act of pure faith. But you know better now! Finding suitable products Finding the right products involves doing some legwork and reading the labels and customer reviews.

“Check the ingredients list” - Sharah Tibajia

“Invest in a good cleanser.” - Jam Marvida

“Invest in an eye cream that suits your skin and start as early as possible.” - Prei Valencia

It’s All About the Nighttime Routine

When K-beauty influencers first shocked the world with their 14-step evening routines, people couldn’t believe it. These were young women, barely into their 20s, applying anti-aging creams like their collagen fibers held the universe together. Many women who barely washed their faces after partying in their teens got on board.

Having a consistent nighttime routine is essential to healthy skin. You cleanse your skin of the dirt, gunk, and bacteria it has accumulated during the day. It's also when your skin repairs itself and is most receptive to skin care. So go ahead and indulge in however many steps it takes and goes to bed knowing that you did your best to wake up refreshed.

“Never go to bed without washing your face.” - Mae Collyer-Virtucio

“Sleep early(ier).” - John Magsaysay

Don’t let these skincare tips fall on deaf ears! It’s never too late to start treating your skin right.