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These days, it’s perfectly normal for women to remove their facial hair. Most women wax their upper lip, as well as the area around and between the eyebrows. As easy as it is to do this at home, this also means facing a few inconvenient after-waxing side effects. Although waxing is generally , redness, soreness, irritation, bumps, and a bit of bleeding can still temporarily occur after waxing. The harmful ones, on the other hand, include allergic reactions, infections, and scarring. 

Since  , we’re not here to tell you to stop. Instead, we’re sharing some tips for soothing your skin after a face wax.

Step 1: Calm Down

The side effects of hair removal usually subside within the same day, so chill out. That redness you’re seeing will go away eventually, just don’t irritate it further. After waxing, do as little to your skin as possible. Avoid getting hot water on your face for the next 48 hours. Everything you do to and apply on your skin from hereon should be soothing and calming.

Step 2: Remove Wax Residue

Bits of wax can get stuck on your skin and remaining hair after waxing. Avoid picking at the leftover wax to prevent pulling your skin off. Instead, soak a clean washcloth in warm — not hot — water, apply it on the area for a few seconds, then wipe off. You can also use wax removal oil or wax wipes that at-home kits usually come with. These should remove any residue easily and safely.

Step 3: Apply a Soothing Gel

Once you have removed all traces of wax, apply a soothing gel moisturizer on your face, concentrating on the waxed area. A product with aloe vera can help . As the Indian Journal of Dermatology states, aloe vera has healing properties. It also boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis when applied topically.

POND’S Healthy Hydration Aloe Vera Hydrating Jelly Moisturizer delivers all the to your skin. This oil-free gel moisturizer has 100% natural origin aloe vera extract and Vitamin B3. Together, these ingredients hydrate the skin and soothe irritation, while minimizing the pores and giving you that coveted .

If you , do this skincare routine after waxing. It will calm your skin and prevent irritation. Avoid applying products with harsh ingredients and prolonged sun exposure for a few days. Oh, and always prep before waxing, of course!