Asian women with stretch marks on belly

is one of the most powerful things anyone can practice these days. Loving your body is an example of that, including the aspects that society may perceive as flaws. People have seen or striae have as unsightly skin aberrations for so long. This is why it’s refreshing to witness women of all ages embracing them for what they are: parts of the skin that are neither painful nor harmful to one’s health. Here are 4 ways to love your stretch marks and inspire others to do it, too. 

Wear What You Love

Stretch marks can appear on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, thighs, and arms. They occur with the stretching or shrinking of the skin. Therefore, they are common in pregnant women and those who have quickly lost or gained weight. On these two occasions, it’s normal to feel . However, this is also the time to celebrate it. It will feel intimidating at first, but wearing clothes you always liked to wear, such as shorts, and is one way to normalize stretch marks until you feel comfortable about flaunting them. 

Take Pictures

Some people get stretch marks from a growth spurt in puberty, others get them later in life during pregnancy. Taking positive action, like taking a photo of yourself and your stretch marks, is a small step towards being . Even if you’re not ready to show these pictures, allowing yourself to see your stretch marks in this light can slowly change your perception of them. Soon enough, they won’t be these strange markings that just appeared on your skin, but a normal part of you and your journey. 

Appreciate the Growth

You could also get stretch marks from working out. The American Academy of Dermatology states that stretch marks form when the collagen in the skin can’t keep up with stretching from rapid muscle growth. Usually, people who lift get it on the shoulders. Trying to see them as a sign of growth instead of a side effect of working out can help you appreciate your progress and the marks that represent it. 

Take Care of Your Skin

— not trying to repair it — can help you learn to love your stretch marks. The pressure that comes with trying to get rid of something can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. However, if you think of skin care as giving your stretch marks some TLC, you’ll eventually stop seeing them as a problem. Since they’re not a threat to your health, you can wait for them to fade, as they usually do.

Slather Vaseline Healthy Bright Gluta Hya Serum Burst Flawless Glow on your striae to moisturize and soften the skin. This formula also has or , which helps increase the rate of cell turnover and production, which can help with skin elasticity, tone, and radiance.

Learn to embrace your stretch marks with these small steps. Give your striae some love not just to improve your skin, but to feel good about your body, too.