Filipina celebrity Kathryn Bernardo looking fresh-faced while holding her hair.

What are the beauty products on your favorite celebrity’s vanity counter? Check out the skincare secrets that are giving these women healthy, glowing, #nofilter skin.

Jess Wilson: POND’S Age Miracle Ultimate Age Youth Essence

Experts recommend starting a preventive anti-wrinkle regimen in your mid-20s to early 30s. So, yes, model and beauty brand founder Jess Wilson, 31, is doing her skin a huge favor with POND’S Age Miracle Ultimate Age Youth Essence. This product works as a serum and eye cream and is formulated with high levels of active ingredients, such as triple for deep hydration and mineral-rich red algae for smoothing fine lines. 

Kathryn Bernardo: POND’S Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose

Get actress ’s rosy glow by with POND’S Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose. It’s a refreshing formula containing , five essential vitamins, and organic, natural French roses. It deep-cleans and removes dirt, oil, makeup, and sunscreen gently. Plus, it brightens skin in one week.

Angelina Cruz: Eskinol Naturals Micellar Water Hydrate with Natural Aloe Extracts

Local influencer Angelina Cruz keeps her skin soft and supple with Eskinol Naturals Micellar Water Hydrate with Natural Aloe Extracts. The in this product is extracted from freshly picked aloe petals, and it’s mixed into a mattifying formula that gently nourishes the skin and removes excess oil, dirt, and makeup.

Jane de Leon: POND’S Facial Foam

Actress Jane de Leon’s superpower? Her pinkish, no-filter skin. She uses POND’s Facial Foam, an effective cleansing product rich in 4D Hyaluronic Acid Complex. It penetrates the skin’s surface and draws moisture to different layers of the skin for a super smooth and supple complexion. It also has , which brightens skin and gives it a dewy glow.

Felicia Cui: POND’S Perfect Potion Essence

Volleyball player trusts this brightening duo for glowing skin. POND’S Perfect Potion Essence and POND’S Serum Burst Cream work together to hydrate and nourish skin from the inside out with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B3. Use POND’S Perfect Potion Essence as a toner, essence, and serum in one, and follow up with the cream for an extra moisturized glow.

Julia Barretto: POND’S Anti-Bacterial Refreshing Face Mist

Keep skin clear and soft like actress Julia Barretto with a face mist that gently exfoliates, purifies, and hydrates. For Julia, the best face mist is POND’S Anti-Bacterial Refreshing Face Mist, which refreshes her face on the go. It contains AHAs that help exfoliate the skin, brightening niacinamide, and antimicrobial glycerin. Keep this one in your bag!

Make space on your beauty counters! These beauty products, tried and tested by your favorite celebrities, will help you get glowing, #NoFilter skin in no time.

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