Woman in red sweater smiling and glowing

Getting supple, glowing skin is the ultimate #skincaregoal. While cleansing, toning, and moisturizing have their benefits, adding a serum to your routine can give your skin the extra radiance that you’re looking for.

Serums are highly concentrated formulas designed to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver ingredients that address your concerns. There are serums for improving texture, brightening, reducing acne, and hydration, among others. The best serum for glowing skin will have either or both of these ingredients: niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Here’s why your skin needs them.

Niacinamide to Heal and Brighten

Niacinamide is a powerhouse ingredient that delivers numerous benefits. It helps the skin retain moisture and build keratin, making the skin firmer, healthier, and more resilient to irritation and inflammation. By retaining moisture, it also reduces the appearance of pores, heals wounds and acne, improves skin texture, and ultimately brightens the skin. 

Harvard Health states that applying it topically can reduce hyperpigmentation from sun exposure in at least four weeks. It also addresses redness and dullness, resulting in an even, glowing complexion.

For a super brightening skin boost, add POND’S Bright Miracle Night Serum to your routine. This highly concentrated brightening serum uses powerful niasorcinol, a new ingredient that improves radiance and texture. The result is a powerful formula that delivers more brightness, smoothness and hydration than a regular cream.

If you want an extra moisturizing texture, then look for the best serum cream for your skin. Try POND’S Bright Miracle Serum Burst Cream, which delivers brightening power in a unique, creamy formula that bursts into a thousand serum droplets upon contact. It is enriched with and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration and nourishment, and bouncy, supple, and

Hyaluronic Acid to Smoothen and Hydrate

Hyaluronic acid promotes supple, glowing skin by keeping it hydrated. A humectant that draws and binds water to the skin’s surface, it plays a key role in skin health by repairing damaged skin, regulating inflammation levels, and reducing the risk of infection with its antibacterial properties. In smaller molecules, it penetrates the outermost layer of the skin to make skin smooth, firm, and glowing. 

A study published in the National Institutes of Health states that is also effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, redness and irritation, and even symptoms of dermatitis. 

For bright, dewy skin, try POND’S NEW YORK Bright Brilliance Day Serum Essence, is an essence and serum in one that penetrates the skin to hydrate and give it a dewy, bright finish. It also improves skin texture, helps skin retain moisture, and evens out skin tone.

When choosing the best serum for glowing skin, try products that have the ingredients mentioned above. The best thing is that they work well on most skin types.