Woman with blotting paper.

With 2021 comes a fresh start, which means it’s time to purge out all the negative juju - and yes, your skincare routine is no exception! For everyone who has battled it out with oily skin, you already know what it’s like going through a slew of products only to come across even more unwanted breakouts, clogged pores, and yes, even dreadful makeup meltdowns. You’ve got to stop relying solely on blotting papers to save you from the excess sebum, girl!

Now that the new year is in full swing, here are three habits we’re purging to keep that excess shine at bay - this time, for good:

Poor Cleansing Habits

Oily skin or not, cleansing regularly is the cornerstone of every good skincare routine. Go deep into the source and opt for cleansing products that are formulated specifically for your skin type. Cleansers such as POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Pore Clear Clay Facial Foam Scrub made with clay that absorbs excess gunk caused by dust, dirt, and pollution. It’s also formulated with BHA that exfoliates the skin and helps it glow.

Pro Tip: Over-cleansing can dehydrate and strip your skin of essential oils, tricking it into producing even more oil--so make sure to limit your cleansing to once in the morning and then again at night.

Using Toners That May Be Too Harsh

Here’s another habit we’re leaving behind in 2020. Toners that may be too harsh on the skin! Show your skin a little more love by choosing a toner that contains naturally skin-soothing ingredients to balance out its pH and oil production levels.Choosing Makeup That Doesn’t Help with Shine

Another major challenge about having oily skin is applying makeup--and making sure it sticks! When it comes to makeup application, it’s all about having a good understanding of formulas (like cream or liquid-based products) that work best for you. Choose mattifying products--to help blur out visible pores and even out the skin. While we do love a glow sans excess sebum, there’s a huge difference between dewy and healthy-looking skin versus a greasy look spread across your T-zone.

Mattifying powders are perfect for quick touch-ups, plus they’re great for brightening the skin and controlling shine. Its lightweight formula will leave the skin looking smooth, without it being cakey.

When it comes to oily skin, there are a lot of different factors that come into play (aside from genes) such as hormones, stress, or environmental factors like heat and humidity. But as long as you understand your skin and the products it needs, you can say goodbye to those blotting papers for good!

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