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Glass skin is so in! Once a popular skincare fad, having smooth, dewy skin is definitely a trend for keeps. But as you try to achieve glass skin, you need to make sure your skin is hydrated too. POND’S introduces its latest line of jelly cleansers and moisturizers formulated specifically to give your skin that extra-hydrated look. A new must-try product, these hydrating new jellies are worthy additions to your skincare routine. Ready to go #GoGlassSkin? Read on to find out more.

Cleanse, Hydrate, Moisturize!

The key to finding Korean glass skin products is cleansing and hydration. Whatever your skin type, proper cleansing is the foundation of that coveted Jisoo-level of glow. Most glass skin enthusiasts would recommend double-cleansing. You can do this with an oil-based first cleanse, and a second cleanser that dissolves oil and product without drying your skin. 

For POND's, cleansing your face can be fun. Enter POND’S Healthy Hydration Hydrating Jelly Cleanser. This ultra-hydrating cleanser comes in a unique gel formula that makes washing your face an amusing part of your skincare routine. A new technology from POND’S, the bouncy jelly lathers like a dream to clear your pores while leaving the outermost layer of the skin super hydrated.

Now, you might ask, “Can I get glass skin even if I have pimples?” Absolutely! Glowing skin is not exclusive to those with clear skin. Since it is essentially your skin at its healthiest, you can strive for this skin goal especially if your skin is or dry. The best thing, POND’S Hydrating Jelly Cleanser is suitable for all skin types!

After washing, follow it up with a hydrating moisturizer, like POND’S Healthy Hydration Hydrating Moisturizer. Also in a refreshing, bouncy texture, this moisturizer contains 100% natural origin extracts and vitamins in a hydrating jelly format.

The best part? It’s oil-free so it doesn’t make your skin slick. Instead, it leaves what Koreans call a “see-through” glassy, non-sticky finish. It’s the perfect light moisturizer for our climate since the skin absorbs gels more easily than thick creams. On top of all these, it’s also 100% alcohol-free and paraben-free.

Enjoy Three Fruity Variants!

Aside from the jelly formula, these fruity variants will! The cleansers are available in Aloe Vera and Orange Nectar, while the moisturizers are available in variants containing well-loved ingredients derived from nature, such as Watermelon, Aloe Vera, and Orange Nectar.

Soothe and smoothen with aloe vera and niacinamide.

POND’S Healthy Hydration Aloe Vera Hydrating Jelly Cleanser and POND’S Healthy Hydration Aloe Vera Hydrating Moisturizer contain soothing aloe vera, which is known for its skin healing and balancing benefits. The jelly formula is also enriched with niacinamide, an amazing ingredient that not only brightens but also .

Brighten skin with orange nectar and vitamin C.

POND’S Healthy Hydration Orange Nectar Hydrating Jelly Cleanser and POND’S Healthy Hydration Orange Nectar Hydrating Moisturizer have refreshing orange nectar extracts, which are perfect for waking up . Boosted with antioxidant vitamin C, this duo exfoliates and brightens for a smoother complexion.

Plump and rejuvenate with watermelon and vitamin E.

Who doesn’t perk up at the scent of watermelon? POND’S Healthy Hydration Watermelon Hydrating Moisturizer combines the soothing texture of gel and juicy watermelon extracts to deliver intense hydration. Powered with vitamin E, this moisturizer is what you need to make your glass skin extra soft and bouncy. 

The benefits of POND'S fruity jelly cleansers and moisturizers can help you achieve your glass skin goals. While they make skin care fun, these are also packed with vitamins and powerful ingredients that can make skin look and feel its healthiest.