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Are you the type of person who gets dressed in five minutes? Or do you plan your outfit for the next day the evening before? Do you take forever to get ready, or can you wing it in a few moments? It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to prepare, but your is one of the most important things to note when getting ready to face the day at the office. Here, we tell you why.

Getting Dressed For The Workplace

When you get ready for work, you likely take time to make sure you . Your professional appearance can make or break how you’re perceived by clients – not to mention the most important people you must impress: your colleagues. And while working from home has led some of us to let go entirely of getting dressed for work, it’s important to note that being well dressed and groomed for work is essential because it is part of having a professional attitude.

Some offices require more formal attire while others are ok with a casual look. Most of the time, what you wear is dictated by your job title and hierarchy. You should know where you fit in and dress appropriately. Your physical appearance is part of what keeps your integrity in the workplace intact. Whether you like it or not, an integral part of the job, and of life, is to make the correct impression and behave appropriately. Dressing correctly for your title is a key factor to success in the workplace.

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Integrity in the Workplace

Your physical appearance must reflect the way you behave at work. You must practice proper communication with your colleagues and treat them with respect. Relating well to your boss is also of utmost importance. These things matter greatly and are included in how your professional appearance can . Fairness in the workplace is hard to come by and takes work. The way you look is just a small part of it.

What Constitutes Your Professional Appearance? 

You might think your professional appearance is only about your clothing and accessories. The words speak for themselves. But it isn’t just how you look and put yourself together physically. It’s much more, including the following:

1. Your Wardrobe

You must dress to impress. Spend a chunk of your salary or savings on your wardrobe and make sure you have all the essentials. You can never go wrong with a tailored blazer, a stylish blouse, a midi skirt, and high heels. It’s too hot in the Philippines to wear pantyhose, so go without.

If your job ranking doesn’t require you to dress up, make sure your t-shirts aren’t crumpled. Press them well each night. The same goes for your jeans or slacks.

2. Your Appearance

Are you tidy, or are you unkempt? Is your personal hygiene up to par? Are your nails trimmed? Is your hair groomed? You must be able to look in the mirror confidently and know that you look well put together.

3. Your Body Language

How you move says a lot about you. Don’t stand with your hands at your hips; it makes you look demanding and bossy. Move with ease and keep your head held high.

4. Your Verbal Communication Skills

Do you know how to talk to those above you and below you in rank? Verbal communication includes politeness and speaking to everybody in a kind manner. Don’t shout, scream or cry to anybody at work. Always keep your cool.

Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is real. When you don’t take time to prioritize your physical appearance, your colleagues can make fun of you to your face, and worse, do it behind your back. Your colleagues and clients may trample on your emotions and be unkind. It’s an unpleasant fact of life but it happens. Therefore, it’s integral to maintain your professional appearance always.

Express Your Confidence and Professionalism

Here, we give you easy pointers on how to dress appropriately at work. Shine on!

  • You can never go wrong with neutral colors like navy, brown, black, and gray
  • Do not wear flashy clothes; keep it simple
  • Aim high: dress for the job of your boss
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  • Eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, and posture are necessary factors in having a good physical appearanceApproachability, having an open attitude, and managing emotions well are crucial in maintaining your integrity and improving your physical appearance in the workplace

Practice these everyday and soon you’ll be a pro!

Remember, your professional appearance hinges on many things and looking good is just a part of it!