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Wine may be the closest thing the world has to a fountain of youth, and it’s all thanks to a little ingredient called resveratrol. This potent antioxidant has been touted as one of the best in delaying skin aging. The good news? It’s not only present in expensive bottles of Shiraz. Now, you can also find it in many skincare products.

Does this new buzzy anti-aging ingredient deserve a spot in your skincare routine? Scroll down to learn more about resveratrol benefits and how you should use it.

It Helps Smoothen Fine Lines

begins to decline in your 20s. Your skin gradually loses its ability to renew itself, leading to telltale signs of aging like , , and forehead wrinkles. This is where resveratrol comes into play.

A 2022 study reveals that resveratrol has on the skin and is able to protect the cells from oxidative stress. When applied topically, it increases the levels of collagen and elastin in the dermis, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

It Boosts Skin Firmness

Given that resveratrol promotes collagen production, it can also firm up by accelerating skin regeneration. According to a clinical study, using 2% resveratrol emulsion once per day for eight weeks can significantly and thickness. What’s more, its antioxidant properties ensure your skin stays resilient to external stressors like pollution and maintains its stretch-and-bounce ability.

It Calms Redness and Inflammation

As you age, your skin undergoes a shift in pH balance, making it more vulnerable to harmful bacteria and irritants. Plus, fluctuating hormones can trigger breakouts and, in some cases, exacerbate conditions like eczema.

Resveratrol’s anti-inflammatory qualities effectively calm redness and relieve itching, as stated in research published by the . Moreover, experts have found that it supports and inhibits the growth of . This means red bumps won’t bother you as much, and when they do, they’ll go away much faster.

It Evens Out Skin Tone

The harsh truth is you can’t totally avoid . Over time, the UV rays take a toll on your skin. As if that wasn’t enough, a drop in estrogen causes melanin production to go haywire, making your skin become more sensitive to sunlight. Cue around your face and neck.

Multiple studies have shown the of resveratrol. By counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals, it helps regulate the production of melanin – the pigment responsible for dark patches and . Additionally, it actively speeds up cell turnover, removing dead skin and fading hyperpigmentation.

It’s Deeply Hydrating

Most big-name anti-aging active ingredients tend to be drying on the skin, but not resveratrol. It fortifies the and stimulates the production of – the lipids that are responsible for sealing in moisture deep inside the skin. This not only ensures your skin remains hydrated but also makes your face glow. In conclusion, you’ll look (and feel) a few years younger.

The Best Way to Use Resveratrol 

Although you can apply skincare products with resveratrol at any time, many recommend using them at the end of your bedtime routine to maximize their anti-aging benefits. This is because your skin has a body clock. At nighttime, it enters a phase of repair and becomes more receptive to skincare ingredients.

If you plan to add resveratrol to your PM ritual, try POND'S Bright Miracle Night Serum. This face serum uses skin-loving ingredients like niasorcinol to give you a brilliantly luminous complexion. When you wake up, your skin will be visibly smoother and brighter.

Resveratrol is generally well-tolerated with no known side effects. However, it’s wise to do a patch test first to be on the safe side. If you don’t see any redness or purging, keep using it and be consistent. Now you can have a glass of vino because you and your skin deserve it.