Plus size Asian woman in yellow sleeveless top

Armpit fat, also known as axillary fat or the much cuter “pit chub,” is a collection of fat next to the armpit, separate from the breast. It is primarily a result of weight. However, even women who aren’t overweight or have a regular breast size can still develop it. It may also be from genetics, hormones, posture, and clothing. If the appearance of underarm fat bothers you, here are some nifty hacks to try out.

Choose the Right Bra Size

Armpit fat usually becomes more prominent when wearing the wrong bra. Incorrect size or specific bra styles, such as sports bras, can also bring it on. These , but they flatten the breast and push them across the sides of the chest, causing the axillary fat to bulge.

If you’re not exercising, avoid these bras. Opt for styles that draw the breasts from the sides. Push-up bras, for example, are a popular choice for . You could also experiment with different cup sizes and band lengths. If your bra gives you armpit fat, maybe it’s too tight around your back, or you need to go one cup size up. 

Wear Tops That Fit 

You may think, “Well, obviously.” However, “fit” seems to be a relative term. Some people believe a top that fits is simply one that’s not bursting at the seams, no matter how unflattering. that fit means . The only way to master this is to try different styles and sizes. Don’t be afraid to go one size bigger if it means looking better in the clothes.

For sleeveless and strapless tops, make sure that they’re cut high enough to cover the sides of your armpit. They also shouldn’t look like they’re cutting through the flesh. It’s also essential to pair your tops with the right bra. Otherwise, neither would look good even though they fit well individually.

Avoid Cap Sleeves

Ah yes, the dreaded “extended sleeves.” Do you feel about being wider at the top and having fleshier arms like Hilary Duff or Florence Pugh? Avoid cap sleeves that cut off at the arm’s fleshiest part. They create the illusion that your arm is bigger than it is. Opt for boxy short sleeves or ¾ sleeves instead, or just go for a .

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Or Just Go with It

Armpit fat is nothing to be ashamed of. Some people hide it because it makes them feel self-conscious, and that’s okay. However, if you’re not particularly bothered by it, by all means, wear whatever you want. Go with whatever makes you , whether that’s the way it looks or discovering brilliant ways to camouflage it.