Smiling Asian woman with arms raised and holding hair up

The biographical comedy series Naked Director discussed some pretty serious topics, from show business to politics to sex. One issue that it casts to light probably inadvertently is . The show is about the Japanese adult entertainment industry. AV performer Kaoru Kuroki refuses to shave her armpit hair as a protest against the longstanding tradition of censorship – and to make her stand out from other actresses. 

If you think about it, who are you hurting if you have armpit hair? Except perhaps century-old sensibilities. It was only in 1915 when became a trend in the United States that hirsute underarms became less desirable. That, along with the invention of the portable razor, was a marketing recipe that affected women until now. 

With the onset of and as more women realize that going hair-free is a personal choice, there may be other reasons why you should keep your armpit hair intact. It might even be better for you.

Skip the Consequences of Armpit Hair Removal

From shaving to lasers, there are numerous ways to go about . Each one, however, has its pros and cons. Shaving, perhaps the most common method, can cause damage to your underarms. It can cause inflammation, itching, , folliculitis, and razor burns. Worse, if you’re not the most conscientious about your , cuts from razors could lead to infection.

Other cons, albeit cosmetic, are and underarm darkening.

Armpit Hair Protects Your Skin

isn’t a vestigial accessory. According to a 2011 study in the International Journal of Trichology, body hair protects the body against trauma. In the case of your underarms, it helps reduce skin-on-skin friction when you swing your arms as you walk or run. Armpit hair can save you from unnecessary chafing, irritation, or even heat rash, which can happen when sweat and abrasion mix. 

It Can Serve As Your Quiet Mating Call

Health isn’t limited to your . You might not realize it, but having armpit hair might just boost your social life. A study on pheromones published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine theorizes that underarm hair acts as an innate diffuser for your natural scent, helping you spread your musk.

It's Considered a Power Move. 

Throughout living history, growing out armpit hair has been used by powerful women as a way to demonstrate a courageous disregard for societal norms. When Julia Roberts was photographed with in the late ’90s, the actress didn’t intend to start a feminist revolution. Her explanation, revealed two decades later, was that she was just being herself. Confidence? We think so. 

Nonetheless, it inspired many other women to turn their backs against . In 2011, Lady Gaga performed with turquoise armpit locks. Three years later, Miley Cyrus showed off rainbow-colored armpit hair. In 2019, Emily Ratajkowski bared her hairy underarms for a magazine cover. She said that women should have the right to choose whatever they wanted to do with their bodies, even if it’s as simple as throwing out the razor.

Whether you’re comfortable with or you’re confident enough to pull off armpit hair, it’s up to you. You can stay protected either way with an effective . Try Dove Intensive Renew Deo Dry Serum Collagen + Omega 6 or Dove Intensive Renew Deo Dry Serum Collagen + Vit B3. They absorb fast and dry quickly – a welcome quality whether you prefer to be bare or you have hair – while renewing your skin up to 20 layers deep.

As social conventions ease and expand, the armpit hair trend may be here to stay. Just seize the moment and embrace whatever makes you confident.