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Life can be harsh, so don't make it harder on yourself, especially your . Many women feel shy about wearing for fear of being judged by the state of their armpits. It causes them to experiment with harsh products that do more harm than good. The truth is, you don’t need all that to be confident about your underarm skin. Opting for a gentler solution can give you the smoothness you want to achieve.

Choosing the Right Deodorant

What causes ? in this area isn't uncommon because your armpits are generally more sensitive and thinner than other body parts. It neither gets enough sunlight nor is it exposed enough to develop toughness like other areas. Armpits are also usually moist, making them attractive to bacteria. Everyday practices like and wearing tight clothing can also lead to irritation. So, don’t blame yourself if you develop rough underarm skin — that’s just how it usually behaves!

Switching to a different deodorant can help address texture and consequently darkening, a post-inflammatory side effect. If you choose a deodorant based on how good it blocks sweat and odor, then you have to factor your into the equation. If you experience out-of-the-ordinary or itching, you may be allergic to some ingredients in your product. Test to see if these would work better for you.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, metals in deodorants, specifically aluminum, can irritate some people's skin. You can find it in most antiperspirants, temporarily plugging the sweat ducts to keep the skin dry and odor-free. Alcohol, which the FDA considers a fragrance ingredient, can also trigger allergic reactions. Symptoms include inflammation, flaking skin, itchy patches, or underarm blisters.

Nothing More, Nothing Less

If your skin can’t tolerate these ingredients, go for a natural alternative like Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant. This deodorant strips down to the essentials, i.e. 0% aluminum and alcohol. Minus these potentially triggering ingredients, it goes by the credo of #CareMadeSimple, employing a unique, natural skin-caring formula.

It smoothens the underarms by preventing irritation that can cause with 1/4 moisturizing cream and other gentle ingredients. It does this while keeping at bay and refreshing your underarms with a mild cucumber and scent. You won't likely get a skin rash under your armpits. It's available in roll-on and aerosol, so you can choose a formula that best suits your lifestyle.

Switching to the best natural deodorant for your sensitive skin can help you be confident about flaunting your underarms — or, at least stop hiding them so much. With this simple step, you can provide your underarms with better care you can tailor to your needs.