Middle-aged Asian woman dancing with group.

Have you been eyeing a more active and healthier lifestyle? You can try a variety of workouts, of course, but if you prefer something outrightly fun, why not try dancing for exercise?

Dancing can help you enjoy the idea of working out, especially if you want to break the cycle of having short-lived fitness habits. While some are content with reaching their goals after a certain period (for example, wanting to bring back the abs for an upcoming summer beach trip), others give up on their fitness journey. One common reason? They didn’t find their workouts enjoyable.

Finding something you love is crucial to maintaining a longer-term relationship with fitness until it eventually becomes part of your lifestyle. Working out is not a one-size-fits-all matter: some may enjoy competitive, higher-intensity workouts; others enjoy the pace of heavy lifting and weights; some fitness enthusiasts may also enjoy the or Pilates. And then some fall in between! 

Indulging in an exercise that doesn’t daunt or intimidate you is crucial to your fitness journey. One of these is dancing for exercise. Dancing is one of the most natural movements your body can do – hence, it’s one of the easiest ways to get moving! Keeping your rhythm to great music is also a bonus. It keeps things fun and fresh.

Health experts swear by dancing as a form of exercise that can trigger weight loss and improve your overall fitness level. Just half an hour of dancing for cardio can burn as much as 800 calories (about 64 minutes of running). Not bad!

Thinking of starting your fitness journey? Here’s why dancing for exercise is for everyone – and why you should give it a try!

You Don’t Have to Be a Good Dancer to Dance

Think you need to be a good dancer to dance for exercise? One of the best things about dancing as a form of exercise is that anyone can practice and enjoy it. Don't be intimidated! If you’re following an instructor, people will be too focused on the choreography and their movements that they will hardly pay attention to how you dance. The goal of dancing – whether it’s Zumba, hip-hop, or Latin dance – is to get you moving and your heart rate up. Once you do so, mission accomplished!

You Need Little to No Equipment

Many dance classes don’t require equipment; you just need to be dressed to get your groove on! Other studios, such as Latin Pole, usually have their equipment and poles. Meanwhile, hybrid dance approaches such as may require light equipment such as dumbbells or a yoga mat, especially if you are

Requiring equipment depends on the nature of the class. But generally, dancing is a low-maintenance exercise focused on engaging your limbs and increasing your circulation

Dancing Is a Versatile Workout

Dancing is versatile because it lets you engage in aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is what you typically get out of cardio workouts, while anaerobic exercise is something you gain from a workout such as weightlifting. Both have a host of health benefits, and someone looking to get fit should ideally benefit from both.

The great thing about dancing is that it can deliver both! With dancing, all the major movements, such as jumping, twirling, and moving your body, are aerobic. Meanwhile, balancing and squatting, engaging your core and other muscles, count as anaerobic workouts. 

Dancing can also increase your flexibility. Those pre-and post-workout stretches, and the dancing in between, stretch your body and make it less prone to injuries.

Dancing Helps Improve Your Mental Health

Dancing isn’t only proven to benefit the body; it can also help your mind! Dancing can improve your mental health. Grooving to the beat of the music can help release endorphins, which make you happier and more confident. It also reduces stress and anxiety.

Moreover, dance can supply positive emotion, engagement, meaning, accomplishment, and positive relationships. According to a , aside from being a form of exercise, dancing can also help a person and become motivated and invigorated to achieve goals for well-being.

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Dancing for exercise is an excellent way to get fit. Move to inspiring music and start owning your dance steps to groove your worries away.