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Going on a long vacation may be fun, but it can also be stressful, especially when putting together your travel outfits. You want to pack comfortable, practical, and travel-proof clothes – of course, that’s easier said than done. If you’re planning a getaway, here are some outfit ideas that also look good all day.

Be Gusot-Free With Distressed Jeans and Polyester Tops

Being in transit or sitting all day can wrinkle your clothes, which can make you look frumpy and untidy. Distressed jeans are a good choice for journeys like these. The “worn-out” look makes wrinkles unnoticeable, plus they’re more comfortable than regular jeans, thanks to the extra room around the knees. Not a jeans person? Try stretchy jogging pants or wide-leg trousers in dark colors that mask the gusot.

For your top, choose polyester shirts, which won’t wrinkle mid-flight. They also dry quickly, which is handy if you need to do laundry during your trip.

Make Leggings Your Travel BFF

Leggings may fall in and out of fashion, but they are your saving grace, especially when traveling. Wear casual leggings on the plane if you want more freedom to move and don’t want to deal with buttons and zippers. The extra soft fabric is also quite forgiving and won’t cut off your circulation even after three in-flight meals.

Don’t forget to pack active wear, such as yoga pants or running tights. These versatile pieces can go from walking around the city to hiking in the woods.

Compression Tights With Your Favorite Skirt or Dress

Did you know that prolonged sitting (such as on long flights or during road trips) raises your risk of developing blood clots in the deep veins? Reduce swelling by wearing compression stockings, which help promote blood flow and combat soreness, preventing blood clots. Be sure to get a doctor’s prescription before using , as improper use can cause inadequate oxygenated blood flow.

Once you have that, check out options like fashion compression tights, which come in different colors and even a faux sheer variety. Wear them with a skirt or dress for all-day comfort and style.

Opt for Multi-Pocket Clothes

Cargo pants make for excellent travel outfits. Multiple pockets allow you to keep your passport and tickets on you when you’re rushing through the airport. They're also great for sightseeing – you can put your phone, camera, and wallet in different pockets for easier access. The best part? This '90s staple is back in style! Choose a lightweight fabric like nylon, which also doesn't crease easily but is durable enough for travel.

Bring Your LBD and Other Dark Clothes

The best travel outfits comprise the basics, such as a little black dress. Wear it with a light jacket and slip-on sneakers for daytime sightseeing, and add hoop earrings for a . Pack dark shirts, sweaters, and tank tops along with your LBD – these are versatile pieces that go with most colors, plus they’re not dumihin. Spilled a drink on yourself? Got sweat marks? Don’t worry, no one will notice.

Don a Classic White Top 

You can never go wrong with a classic white top. Simple yet versatile, it goes well with other items in your wardrobe. Dress it up with layered necklaces and neutral pants or shorts for a relaxed vibe or spice it up with a colorful skirt for a more vibrant look.

Sweating through that white top can be a concern when out and about, but luckily with Rexona Advanced Brightening + Anti Stain Antiperspirant Deo Spray you can go all-out in your travel outfits. Confidently wear this fit free from and odor while brightening your underarms with its sunflower seed oil and vitamins E, F, and C.

A Flow Maxi Dress

Don’t forget to pack your , which can go from a day at the beach to a nice dinner in the city. Choose large prints for a bold statement or smaller patterns for a feminine vibe. Pair it with strappy sandals, chunky oxfords, or sneakers – whatever fits your style.

Confidence in your style and being free from sweat and odor are key to enjoying that long travel itinerary you’ve planned to the fullest. Luckily, Rexona Women Powder Dry Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant keeps up with you – keeping you feeling dry and confident with up to 72 hours of odor and sweat protection while leaving a mild powder scent.

Choosing the right travel outfits can make all the difference in your overall experience. Don’t just do it for the ‘gram! Ultimately, how you feel in your clothes is what matters.