Asian woman in white and wearing towel while looking at underarm.

Scrolling through TikTok’s beauty trends can often make you ask yourself, “How did they come up with this?” Some are pretty solid advice, like and , while others are simply bizarre and potentially harmful (um, face taping? No, thanks!). Just when you thought you had seen it all, here comes another curveball: cream concealer for armpits.

The same creamy formula that's been a holy grail for camouflaging tired eyes is now being touted as a temporary fix to brighten the kili-kili. Is this a genius hack for instant picture-perfect underarms or another internet fad to stay far away from? Let’s review the facts.

Can Makeup Conceal Dark Underarms?

Technically, you can use cream concealer on various body parts, including the underarms. It works the same way as it does on your face. The pigmented formula masks any redness and discoloration, creating a smoother and more even-toned base.

Although the idea of putting makeup on the underarms might raise eyebrows, it’s not as unconventional as it seems. For years, K-pop idols have reportedly been using waterproof concealer on their to achieve a flawless complexion. In an interview, Korean celebrity makeup artists shared their secret tips for applying base makeup with a pink undertone and blusher on specific bony areas of the body to look “pretty and pure.”

This behind-the-scenes insight not only tells us how to use makeup below the neck; it also serves as a not-so-fun reminder that striving for clear underarms, unblemished, is an unrealistic pursuit. Just because you can cover them up, it doesn’t mean you have to.

What Happens When You Put Cream Concealer on the Underarms

Before you pick up your beauty blender and dab it all over your pits, it’s important to know what causes . Factors such as friction from clothing, shaving, and genetics play a significant role in the hyperpigmentation of this region – issues that makeup alone can’t effectively address. Simply put, using concealer to brighten your kili-kili would be like trying to paper over the cracks.

Much like any makeup product, there are also some potential downsides to wearing underarm concealer. The biggest concern is the possibility of triggering irritation, which can worsen the problem. According to the , the axillary skin has a weaker barrier and holds onto more on its surface than the forearm skin. This increased sensitivity makes it easier for substances in your concealer to clog the pores.

In addition, your concealer will likely melt away after a few hours since the underarm area is more prone to sweat. If you want to do a touch-up, you'll need to clean the skin before fixing the coverage. And as you’re moving around, all the rubbing can cause color to transfer onto your clothes, leaving some awkward streaks on your favorite top.

How to Take Care of Underarm Skin

Dark patches on your armpits are nothing to be ashamed of. But if they make you feel uneasy, there are more reliable and less messy ways to remedy them.

1. Reach for a gentle exfoliant.

Dead skin cells and grime can accumulate in the pores, leading to rough texture, dullness, and even . Underarms are no exception. Exfoliating regularly encourages healthy skin cell turnover, removes hyperpigmentation, and prevents .

When selecting an exfoliant for the axilla, opt for a chemical formula with a low concentration of , as this helps slough off build-up without causing microtears. Remember to glide the product gently and avoid scrubbing the skin.

2. Switch to a brightening deodorant.

Choosing the right deodorant can be tricky when you’re dealing with dusky pits. Ideally, you want a product that combats odor, holds off sweat, and brightens the complexion. This is where Dove Aerosol Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector Fresh Lily Deodorant Spray steps in. It contains skincare ingredients such as and Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream to deeply repair skin damage, leaving your kili-kili smooth and free from dark marks. And of course, it keeps your underarms fresh all day.

3. Be careful when shaving.

No matter the situation, never dry shave. A quality shaving cream or gel acts as a protective barrier between your skin and the razor. It helps reduce the risks of nicks and cuts – the two culprits of .

Another cardinal rule is to moisturize after shaving. Use an alcohol-free lotion to restore hydration and calm the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you’re more susceptible to razor burns. Consider getting an , or rock your with pride!

For the time being, leave your cream concealer in the makeup bag. While it does a bang-up job at covering dark areas on the skin, it’s not suitable for the underarm region. Prioritize treating your armpits with gentle, nourishing products, and don’t rush the process.