Woman is looking at her underarm.

It’s normal to feel conscious about dark marks and chicken skin, but while it’s tempting to try every DIY treatment out there, remember that your underarms are quite vulnerable to damage. Thankfully, there's a new underarm “holy grail” item that can address your concerns.

Are you looking for the best deodorant to remove dark underarms? Don't want to have rashes on your armpits? With the Dove Intensive Renew Deodorant Dry Serum, that's only one thing off its list. You can deal with the most common underarm problems sans the peeling, burning, and darkening that often comes with Internet remedies. Read on to know why this product deserves to be added to your beauty routine.

It’s Quick-Drying

What’s unique about this antiperspirant for women is that it’s also a serum, so you get a potent formula that's lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. None of the usual stickiness you usually get from your ladies' deodorant.

It Helps Minimize Dark, Rough spots

Shaving and plucking are the common culprits behind dark spots and chicken skin, but if an alternative isn’t really in the cards for now, you can depend on the Dove Deodorant Dry Serum to prevent hyperpigmentation and texture.

It Can Smoothen and Brighten Your Pits

Skin darkening is a perennial underarm concern, but this deo helps address that by boosting collagen production, which helps improve skin elasticity and lessens the creases and folds on your pits.

Regardless of what your underarm problem is, you can rely on any of Dove’s three variants to help you. The Dove Intensive Renew Collagen + Vitamin B3 helps brighten dark spots, while the Dove Intensive Renew Collagen + Vitamin E minimizes pores and blemishes for smoother underarm skin. Then there’s Dove Intensive Renew Collagen + Omega 6, which helps skin become firmer. Which one is the perfect match for you?