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There’s no way to bottle up the experience of adolescence in a few hundred words. Those of us who’ve gone through puberty can quickly attest that teenager challenges, no matter how seemingly typical, are taxing – to say the least. Unfortunately, in real life, these issues don’t end with a kiss from the cutest boy in school and an uplifting pop song.

We won’t beat around the bush. Being a teenager can suck, and while these issues seem to go on forever, trust us, they’re only fleeting. One day, you’ll look back at them with fondness – or, at least, a sense of humor.

Here are some of the usual teenager challenges and how to rise above them.


There’s truth in Gossip Girl, after all. Worries over rumors and reputation are particularly distressing to teenage Filipinas, especially those who live in rural areas, according to a De La Salle University study “Filipino Views on Mental Health.” In a separate piece from the Primary Care Companion journal, gossip can destroy creativity and productivity, weaken morale and diminish teamwork.

Much research, including an article in JAMA Network Open, also states that fears of having a ruined image contribute to depression and other mental issues. Unfortunately, social media has only worsened matters.

What can you do about it? Hold on to your solid support group. Whatever happens, you have family and friends who know the truth and will stand by you no matter what. Listen to them and block out the noise. Self-care isn’t a famous concept among teens, but it should be. Spend some time doing things you care about and make you feel good. It has a terrific therapeutic effect.


Bullying is a step above gossiping – and it’s another phenomenon that’s only gotten worse with the internet. In 2019, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development published a survey revealing six out of ten Filipino students experienced bullying. A little over a year later, the Philippine National Police listed cyberbullying as one of the top five concerns of the cybercrime department.

A 2021 JAMA study states that teenagers who have experienced cyberbullying have a 50% increased risk of suicidal thoughts – and have the same chances of displaying self-harm. Bullying is an issue that can snowball, which makes stamping it out crucial.

What can you do about it? Every bullying situation is different and every aggressor varies. Learn to assess the situation – is this something you can confront or would you be better off evading? Tell someone you trust about your experiences, if only to get your anxiety off your chest. If you feel that the case leads or will lead to violence, contact your parents or the authorities.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure manifests itself in many ways. This common teenager challenge can coerce you to do things you typically wouldn’t do in order to gain acceptance. Peer pressure can dampen your self-esteem, trigger destructive behavior, create distance among family and other friends, among other effects.

The desire to fit in is hard to avoid. After all, who doesn’t want to have friends? Be kinder to yourself. Understand that you don’t have to go through these kinds of situations. You can walk away. Realize that pleasing everyone is impossible. Choose your circle wisely and try to see that you share values.

Build a Strong Self of Sense

There’s no fast method to get through these teenager challenges. In most cases, people either outgrow them or wait for things to settle. However, one way to make life easier is to build a strong self of sense, which you can start as early as now.

 by investing in yourself.  is the first step. Focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses – if you think they matter, that is. Evaluate your likes, dislikes, values, and standards.

Enjoy some me time, and don’t hesitate to treat yourself now and then. Learning early that a little self-indulgence is beneficial for your mental and emotional health can save you a lot of angst.

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