An Asian woman using TikTok on her phone in her living room

Fashion styles to the early 2000s are making a comeback. You’ll often see this phenomenon on TikTok, where its Gen-Z users are bringing the throwback economy to new heights by rocking different aesthetic trends. Scroll through this social media platform, and you’ll encounter different creative ways of dressing up.

Here’s a list of five fashion styles you should know about to create your signature look this 2022.

Everything Y2K

It’s where streetwear meets glamour. Low-waisted jeans, small purses, halter tops, cropped tops, and denim minis are staples of this trend. You can also throw in some body glitter and to complete the . Look to Paris Hilton, Devon Aoki, Britney Spears, and new celebrities like Dua Lipa and Emma Chamberlain for some Y2K fashion inspiration.

Weird Girl Aesthetic

Influenced by Harajuku fashion, the weird girl aesthetic is defined as quirky maximalism. It consists of mixed textures, colorful and playful patterns, and experimentation.

Get ideas from Bella Hadid, Devon Lee Carlson, and Claire Carmouche when dressing up in this aesthetic. Go for bright-colored baby tees, popcorn-textured tops, plaid skirts, beaded choker necklaces, and knee-high socks paired with chunky shoes. You can get these in ukay-ukay and other thrift stores, but brands are also starting to carry these items. The weird girl aesthetic is all about rejecting the constraints of conventional trends, so you don’t have to worry about patterns clashing or colors being too bright.


Fairycore is about mixing and matching light, airy pieces in pastel hues. It is delicate and celebrates the beauty of nature and all things fabled. Imagine lots of lace, silk, and tulle in billowy silhouettes along with corsets, butterfly earrings, bows, and fairy wings. Romantic rosy cheeks and faux freckles will complete the overall look, turning anyone into an ethereal, enchanting creature.

This trend has more than one interpretation. You can go for cosplay-like fashion or fairycore grunge, where fairycore fuses with Y2K elements.

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Indie Sleaze

This trend reminds you of the early 2000s style. Grunge glam and hipsters come to mind, as indie sleaze is mainly about self-expression and thinking outside the box. It may look kitschy and tacky to some, but don’t worry. It is an ode to a fun, free-spirited period of fashion. For pegs, turn to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jeremy Scott, Lindsay Lohan, and Effy Stonem from the TV show Skins. 

Nail this aesthetic by wearing tights with holes, layered pearl and chain necklaces, mismatched clothing, smudged eyeliner, and pop-party outfits. If you could get your hands on a flip phone, add it to your ensemble.

Ivy League Aesthetic

Say hello to understated, clothing that embraces effortless sophistication and elegance. Rock Ivy League fashion styles by wearing relaxed-fit tailored shirts, A-line tweed minis, headbands, head scarves, cable knit jumpers, blazers, loafers, and pearls. Pieces that boast excellent quality and craftsmanship – sans huge brand logos – are your closet staples if you’re fond of this style. 

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It seems like 2022 is all about nostalgia and a time to break away from the sweats, hoodies, and pambahay clothes you wore while cooped up at home. If you haven’t tried any of these fashion styles yet, now is the perfect time to dress up and experiment with different looks. Have fun!